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    Cheers for the advice and links. I'm comfortable riding in heavy traffic and filtering. While my general Geography of London is good (name an area/borough and I could probably tell you if it's North, South, West or East). However, I do not know the streets of London very well. If I took the shortest route (on road), chances are I would need to stop a few times to check I was on the right track.

    Therefore at this stage (and because I'm curious to experience them) I'm leaning towards the cycle superhighways. It will be a longer route but at least I'll have stretches of traffic free cycling. Could be handy as it's likely to be cold, wet and dark.

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    Was hoping some London based cyclists might be able to help me with some route advice please. Later this week I will be visiting London and plan to take my bike with me. I am unsure whether to use roads or to use a cycle superhighway

    **Journey **
    Euston Station to Vauxhall Station
    Google suggests using the A400 southbound, then past Leicester Sq, Trafalgar Sq, Big Ben etc and finally across Vauxhall Bridge. I'd like to know whether it's worth me taking a detour and using the new cycle superhighway 6 (http://content.tfl.gov.uk/cs6-ns-map-sepĀ­tember-2018.pdf) which runs from Kings X to Elephant & Castle. Or is this cycle path too far out the way to be worth using?