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    Inside only. And I have been surprised how few crashes there have been. And the crashes that happened haven’t ruined any wheels that I’ve seen. Loads of people on deep wheels and quite a few on disc/5-spoke combo. And worst case, I’ve got insurance. Basically I’ve decided to pull the trigger but just not sure whether it’ll be the 9s or the 6s.

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    So I'm planning to upgrade my Mavic Elipse wheels. Been racing for a year, mostly endurance but may try some kilo and pursuit next year. I'd like one set of wheels that can do more or less everything, and I don't plan on getting a separate disc/5-spoke setup. I've settled on FFWD wheels and wondering what are the pros and cons of the F6Ts vs the F9Ts. I guess extra weight is not an issue. Do I really lose any control having the extra deep front wheel? Do I really get a meaningful aero benefit from deeper rims?