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    I'm so glad you posted this. I used to follow her blog years ago and just forgot about it somehow. Every single single thing on that site looks sooo good!!

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    So to answer the question that no-one else asked but I'l answer anyway (got a bit of time on my hands)..!

    Lochs and Glens was completely doable on a road bike. This was during summertime though and I travelled super-light. That said, it was really slow going as I had to be cautious not to puncture so definitely would have been more enjoyable (and probably faster) on of a gravel or CX bike which I stupidly decided not to take as I thought it would be too "slow and heavy." Ugh!

    Anyway, here are a few pics to get an idea of the ground conditions. This was the worst of it, which you can see isn't that bad....

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    Good to know. Thanks LeePaton & scraplab!

    I'm up there later this week so I'll give an update here if anyone is interested. Got myself some 28 tyres just in case!

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    Has anyone done the Sustans route 7 Lochs and Glens North from Glasgow up to Inverness recently? I've read reviews from many years ago but wondered if there was any recent feedback. I'm considering changing my plans as I'll be on a road bike nad am a bit concerned about the road conditions.

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    oh dammit. I've just bought a gravel bike and am really keen to do this kind of thing but can't make Saturday. And you're going to Purezza!!...I'm about to cry.

    Have fun!