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    Looking for a 25.4cm seatpost. 28.6 seatclamp if anyone has!
    Can collect in London

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    The company I work for is currently looking for more couriers!

    Hived is an innovative zero-emission parcel delivery company, funded by Innovate UK (the UK government's innovation agency).

    Traditional parcel delivery by van is harmful to people and the environment: Delivery vans heavily pollute the air we breathe, emit large amounts of CO₂ and congest our cities. At the same time, customer service is notoriously poor and unethical business practices are rampant in the industry.

    For all of these reasons, we were convinced last-mile parcel delivery had to be reinvented. We redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to recipients from ground-up. We came up with a system that is better than the status quo in every way, enabling us to deliver parcels efficiently with electric cargo-bikes and normal bikes instead of vans whilst being cheaper than any competitor.

    We are looking for an energetic and friendly person to deliver parcels to recipients across London on behalf of our customers (retailers and other couriers) with one of our electric cargo-bikes and/or your own bike.

    If you are using our cargo-bikes: Our cargo-bikes are very easy to ride. If you have ridden a bike before, you will be able to get a good feeling for it within a few minutes. You don't have to have any experience as a courier or a bike-courier. Other than good English skills, there are no special requirements - if think you might enjoy this job, please apply regardless of your background.

    You don't have to pay any expenses (and you obviously don't need a driving licence). You will have to use your own smartphone for deliveries and navigation.

    We can't commit to a guaranteed number of hours per week as the number of parcels we deliver varies, but you can work as many hours as you'd like if we have enough parcels to deliver. You would work in blocks (= delivery routes) of at least 2-3h at a time-

    The number of parcels we deliver varies from day to day. We would confirm the number of parcels for you to deliver 1-2 days in advance and we can take your schedule into account regarding the time during the day that works best for you.

    When you deliver parcels you need to make sure to treat parcels with care at all times and provide the best delivery experience possible to recipients.

    Apply now to be part of a fast-growing start-up and help us to revolutionise the parcel delivery industry!

    Part-time hours: 5-30 per week

    Job Type: Part-time

    Salary: £10.00-£11.00 per hour

    Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Contract

    Salary: £10.00 per hour

    COVID-19 considerations:
    All riders are required to wear a mask when making deliveries.

    If you think you might be interested, don't hesitate to drop me a pm!

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    2nd on the rear wheel

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    dibs btwin grips!

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    On the hunt for a medium format system if anyone has something for sale!