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    I've got one that came with a Garmin you can have for free. I stole the little bolts that hold in the twist lock insert for another mount but you could easily source new bolts for it (or just glue it in).

    Based in Angel near Shoreditch Park.

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    I think all of Australia has collectively stuck our head in the sand about climate change and our role in it for far too long. Hopefully the silver lining of this tragedy is a collective change in attitude and an effort to reduce our impact. We can't continue to be the world's largest coal exporter and think it won't come back to haunt us.

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    Yeah it's pretty shit. I work remotely as well so I can't do the standard work place fundraising thing but I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help! Plus it helps me clear out some clutter so that's a win too.

    Cassette is all yours, I'll PM you

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    As an Australian living in London, I'm feeling a bit helpless being away from home whilst my country burns, so I'm trying to raise some cash to donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Pickup preferred from N1, but can post at buyer's expense.

    Please also consider making a donation directly - the situation is fucked and we have an idiot for a PM so they really do need all the help they can get:

    1. 2 x Specialized Rib Cage II - matte black
      Black plastic bottle cages, excellent condition, comes with bolts (one is just slightly rounded).
      £10 for both

    2. 2 x Elite Custom race cages - black and white gloss
      Carbon fiber cages, very light. 1 cage comes with bolts. Owned for a while so they're in fair condition - not exactly sure which model they are.
      £10 for both

    3. Specialized Expert alloy shallow drop handlebars - 42cm wide, 123mm drop, 75mm reach
      Came stock on a Tarmac, swapped out and ran on a second bike for 4000km. Good condition with a couple scratches from light brackets

    4. SOLD

    5. Ultegra 6800 52/36 chainrings - maybe 4000km of use
      Swapped out for compact rings so I could ride off road more on my winter bike. Good condition.
      £40 for the set

    6. dhb neoprene overshoes, size XL
      Excellent condition as I find these too warm for my feet.

    7. 2 x Tune water bottles - unused
      Came with some Tune bottle cages. Cool bottles, with emergency + rescue graphics on the bottle. Shaped similar to Tacx bottles.
      £4 each

    8. SOLD

    9. Crankworks multi tool 10
      In decent condition, although the 2mm hex key is a bit rounded

    10. Sold

    11. Unbranded Kmart front light
      Bought this as an emergency light when I forgot my lights when i was back living in Australia and used it once. It's USB rechargable and surprisingly bright. Build quality is a bit shit and might not be the most waterproof light ever but it gets the job done.

    12. 2 X Challenge Paris Roubaix 27mm tan wall tyres
      Lovely tyres but a bit too narrow for my winter bike rims. Ridden for 30km before being taken off the bike. I've done the hard work of stretching the tyres out so they'll now fit onto a rim without you breaking a rib.

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    Yeah excellent tyres, though they do get cut up by glass quite easily. Thankfully they're super easy to get on and off the rim.

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    There's a BP with a jet wash in Walthamstow: 298-310 Forest Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 5JG

    Edit: was a bit distracted when I read your message haha, definitely out of your way unless you're coming back in from Essex. It's a good one to get the mud off after an Epping sesh though.

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    I've had exercise asthma my whole life, but always just treated it with salbutomol if it flared up. I was pretty cavalier about it and just down played the effects in my head.

    It took a pretty severe asthma attack on a 360km ride this summer to force me to take it seriously. I'm now on a preventer (clenil modulite) which has properly transformed my riding. I have no idea why I resisted going on a preventer up until now, but it's helped so much on intense efforts. Now it's not my wheezing lungs which slow me down on hills, it's just my legs.

    On a non cycling note, I find my breathing is far easier and deeper in everyday settings. I always used to feel short of breath when trying to breathe through my nose but that's a non issue now.

    So yes - see a doctor, stick to a preventative regime which works for you and you'll be much better off.

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    You can buy them from sigma, I had to buy one for my Tarmac.

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    Meets at the golden gates in the inner circle now actually. Groups were getting too large to meet safely at the old spot.