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    I had exactly this with my bagman QR, the bolts wouldn’t willingly spring closed to hold the bag in place, similar amounts of slop and the springs felt weak as you describe.
    Bit of WD40 with PTFE sorted them right out and they’ve stayed that way all summer, I felt a prat for not thinking of such an obvious solution sooner. Might not fix your issues, but it’s a very cheap thing to try!

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    I’d echo @ad441, the sections that aren’t overgrown are nice and quick at the moment, but I got a nice coating of dust in about 20 miles of it recently. I haven’t done the whole thing yet, just sections, but a local MTB rider did the double recently and wrote it up here: http://benracesbikes.blogspot.com/2022/0­7/south-downs-way-double.html?m=1

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    Was going to link to this exact frame, I’ve exchanged a few messages with the seller about another bike he was selling and he’s a lovely bloke.(https://instagram.com/chrisplandrews?igs­hid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)
    Make an offer, it’s been up a while.

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    Hey Nick, seller went quiet and pulled the advert down mid-conversation, so I guess that’s that! Thank you for the reply all the same. Appreciate the mention of the frame saver, I’ve got a few frames that I’ll check to see if they have been sprayed at any stage. Cheers!

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    In the same vein as Drn22’s question above, I am looking for a cheap steel commuter for a flat 3 mile commute, I’ve found a nice Dawes Super Galaxy for ~£325 but I’m hesitating over these top tube scratches shown in the attached photos. Hard to see much detail/depth of the rust, but the frame is potentially double butted 853. I’m not fussy about looks so I’d probably gently sand it back and primer>paint just that patch.
    Would anyone have any advice RE: severity of the rust damage based on these photos please? If a replacement tube is likely to be needed I’d probably look for a different frame to be honest.

    Link to likely frame (seller unable to be precise): https://www.cyclinguk.org/sites/default/­files/document/migrated/publication/2008­03062.pdf.

    Thanks in advance! C

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    Got a Shimano 9 speed rear mech that takes a 36, would need to be posted though. LMK if you want to know more. Thanks


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    Thorn tour club in Gloucestershire, sub £400.

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    29er rear wheel needed, non-boost 12x142 thru axle, Shimano HG [for 10 speed]. Strong preference for Hope hubs, but let me know what you might have. 25-30mm internal width ideally, but I wouldn't insist on this if the price is good.
    I don't currently need a front wheel, but I'd be likely fitting a fork [at some point] that would need 15*x110 boost at the front.

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    Hey @Tijs, nice frame! Look forward to seeing how you build it up. I wish mine had V-brakes instead of the disc brakes, I'm a bit envious TBH.
    I appreciate the mention, but realistically a project thread for my bike would be very dull- I've literally just changed i) the saddle since I can't get on with a Brooks, and ii) the tyres since the Rene Herse ones would not stop bloody puncturing on the flinty trails around here [SDW area]. Other than that it's exactly how I bought it! I'd happily contribute to a Crust thread with some photos etc though.
    Truth be told the bike is a size too big for me [55cm], but the low trail geo is great and I love riding it, might eventually flog the frame and get the same geometry made by Varonha in a smaller size though, rim braked.
    Looking forward to following your build thread though. Take it easy dude!