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    Alright, thanks..
    Kind of pity to leave it as it is as I want to build it up nicely :)
    But probably it's not such a big deal

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    Hi everyone,
    Please correct me if starting a new thread for this is not the best idea.
    I didn't find a more appropriate one, however.

    There is a vintage Reynolds 531 frame with a tad too tight seat tube and a seat lug anomaly that is pictured below.
    It takes 26.8 post, which is resistant (but possible to convince with a bit of effort) to slide up and down freely.
    I'm planning to address it with a flex hone and the electric screwdriver (although the seat tube is clean inside).
    It also exhibits, however, a gap between the pointy seat lug bit and the seatpost (even fully inserted and tightened).
    I was trying to bend it back into shape with the help of the adjustable spanner, but with little to no success.
    I'd prefer to fix it myself if possible, but also wouldn't mind paying a framebuilder a visit if it's not.
    Is this issue uncommon at all? Maybe I'm being too dramatic and shouldn't bother. I wonder if the frame was built this way or if something has happened to it though.
    The bike is intended as an everyday commute, however, and I'm a bit concerned about rainwater getting into the tube through the gap or muck accumulating in the area.

    Any help / advice is greatly appreciated,

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    Amazing, thanks for the info @jppegs!
    Now knowing the name of the builder more search results show up.
    Good luck with the sale!

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    That's beautiful, wish I had that money.
    My partner owns one of these frames.
    It came with 600 arabesque groupset and is made out of tange prestige tubing.
    A little less posh, with a simple colour-way.
    Never saw another one of these before this thread.
    I was trying to find any information about the builder but the only thing I figured was that it was a small workshop in Amsterdam back in the day.
    Do you happen to know more by any chance, or have anything to read?
    The one we have rides like a dream btw, very lively and lightweight.
    Potential buyers - don't hesitate.

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    Thanks for all suggestions!
    Found what I was looking for locally.
    Hope that both beautiful bikes will find happy owners soon.

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    [Found something]

    Hi, I'm looking for a budget frame set, preferably old steel, for a smaller rider, with track dropouts.
    Ideally not bigger then 50st*52tt (ctc), for 700c wheels. Would be really nice if it was drilled for the front brake.
    I'm in Germany, so would ask to post it if something comes up.