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    Hi all,

    I broke my chain the other day, as a consequence of it being too loose and trying to come off while riding fixed.
    After breaking in two one end of the chain wrapped around the rear axle, leaving the drive side dust cap dented and "out of true".
    I have a feeling that sound dust caps are more important in the rear, so less winter gunk from the road and chain gets in the bearings, so I replaced the impacted one with the one from the front.
    However, I'd really want to exchange the damaged one at some point - manipulations with a set of pliers didn't quite bring it back to normal and there are still some imperfections that keep the hub from spinning as smooth as it was intended.

    Does anyone have ideas of where to source these things?
    A brief search showed that threads like this emerge every once in a while, does it mean that the only chance is to salvage it from an old hub of the same model / make or a similar design? Would using some hub hardware kit be an option?
    In the worst case scenario, will I die if I just ditch the dust caps altogether and run the hub formula / novatec-style? (see the pic)

    One more question: there's not a lot of life left in one of the cones, as it seems that they are softer then the cone spanners. Are they mostly universal or will I also have to be looking for one in case I eventually strip the surfaces where the spanner is applied?

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated,
    Thank you!

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    Good luck with the sale!

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    Do you know if they still build them? This one is too high for me, but would want to see if they have anything else in stock (nothing to be found at their website, also no links to ebay)

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    Is the fork drilled for the brakes?
    Would you be willing to ship to Germany?