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    Potentially... Had a few interested in just the frame set. Would rather sell complete but will let you know if I split

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    As it is in the most recent photos 79cm. When I was riding it it would have been higher but is probably at a more suitable height as it is now.

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    Photos added

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    Ha! Proper pictures are coming

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    Whoops. Have amended ^^

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    For sale is my Ritchey Logic. Always had a sweet spot for these... Super classy looks and nice and nippy!

    I'll be very sad to see it go but in all reality it is a touch small for me and I have bought something a bit more relaxed.

    A few points:
    • There is a small ding to the top tube (see photo)
    • The clearcoat over the grey paint is crazed. This is common with Logics of this era. Totally unnoticeable until close up. And not unsightly IMO.
    • a few small paint chips (will detail in coming images)

    Set up is 2 x 10. A mix of Sram Force levers and Rival derailleurs with 105 cranks (34 - 50/11-32) and calipers.

    Wheels are Superstar Pave with 25c gp4000. Both wheels and tyres are used but with plenty of life left. Rear bearing changed 12 months ago.

    •Unbranded carbon seat post
    •Ritchey comp 100mm stem
    • Ritchey comp 42cm bars
    •Maybe be able to include a Brooks c15 for the right price, if not can include something basic.
    •No pedals

    So... By no means pristine but an absolutely gorgeous and fun ride. I will get some up to date photos up ASAP when I am with the bike and also check the weight.

    I would like £700, but let me know if you feel that overpriced.

    Bristol based pick up is ideal but I maybe be able to bring to London. Any questions please ask.

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    Righto. Dibs noted. @1oOne your call man, if yours if you want it? Send me a message

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    Very sad to have to get rid of this but in reality it wasn't meant to be. Built up but ridden very little whilst in our possession. I guess the sizing would be L/S, could work great for tandem school run with child stoker.

    Absolutely tons of steerer.

    3 x 9 speed
    All freshly set up with new chains, chain rings, bb's, eccentric bb shell, I think 3 out of 4 cranks arms, cables, adjustable stoker stem, 2 x 25.4 seat posts

    Pretty fresh XT 9 speed trigger shifters, 26in XT hubs on rims?, Dia Compe V brakes and Deore brake levers

    What's missing...
    Rear derailleur, pedals and rear saddle pictured are not included so would need to be fitted before riding away. I also never got round to putting a front derailleur on but may be able to find one to include. Rear adjustable stoker stem needs a shim to provide a tighter fix to the forward seat post

    The original sale of the frame and some bits included a £100 donation to charity, which we would like to continue...

    Price is £300, £100 of which with go to refugee charity.

    The bike is located in Stockwell, possibly might be able to be taken to Bristol but tbh would rather not.

    Any questions please ask