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    Consolidated the remains of the previous thread, plus lots of new stuff I got but have been sitting on
    Collection from E14 evening or Hackney/Whitechapel at lunch time- cash or paypal gift preferred else please add 3% and/or postage. Not sure I have time on my hands to post but lemme know if needed or if you're after a bunch of things

    https://imgur.com/a/dZXU1jY - Pics of the more 'technical' bits here

    Mission Workshop Rummy - Olive HT500 27L - £140 - New unused with tags, bought but opted for their backpacks instead, but was too inundated to return it abroad
    MW Capsule - Camo - £80 - Again new and unused

    Millican Smith Slate 25L - £60 - Used

    Patagonia Torrentshell - S - £50 - Lightly used, great condition
    Patagonia T Shirt XS - £12

    Outdoor Research Ferrosi Metro Hoody - £50 - Used twice but have to begrudgingly accept I'm too small to fit into American brand S's

    Montane Terra Pants - £20 - Small - Great condition, bought used but opted for other trousers for my hikes

    Mountain Hardwear Rainshadow OutDry 38L - £30 Used for a couple of weeks in the Austrian Alps - Great pack with lots of compartments and functionality, good point between ruggedness and lightness, and waterproof to boot. Still got too many packs and this needs to go!
    Mountain Hardwear AP Pant - £20 - 30x30 - Navy Blue - some fading on the saddle area from a couple of cycles, otherwise was actually only used twice, stupid me just buys lots in the colour of navy blue and I don't want to be all blue (forgot pics of these)
    Mountain Hardwear ThunderShadow Waterproof - £20 - Barely used, Fem M but fits as a Mens S

    Thermarest Prolite Small - £28 - Ended up using either a heavier or lighter sleeping pad in its place, forgot to get pics on this one but great condition

    Sealskinz Waterproof socks -£10 - Small - ..used twice, but when washing one the infold of the top hem came loose,completely superficial but just a mention, sounds worse than it is
    Gipiemme Goretex Windshell - £10 - Small - also used twice but I have too much stuff!

    More OT stuff

    Polaroid Sunglasses - £24 - (black rimless) Lens Size 54 - never used, with case

    Universal Works Blazer - S - £25 - Excellent condition, just fit a bit too large
    Norse Projects Wool Jumper - XS - £25 -Excellent condition again

    Prana Bronson - Sand - 28x32 - £15 - Used and with slight wear to L shin and a small grease stain that should wash out
    Triple Aught Designs, Intercept SD Kuroki Mills Edition - 28x34 (intended to hem) - £80 straight fit - given its first wash but alas bit too wide on the legs for me https://tripleaughtdesign.com/shop/inter­cept-sd-kuroki-mills-edition/
    Animal Jeans - 30x30 - £10 - Straight fit, rarely used
    Mango Off-white Chinos - 30" - £10

    Barker Leather Derby Shoes - £20 - size 8.5 - Bought used and making a loss on this, wear is mostly the leather creases and slight scuffs on the undersole's front - fit was too much on the roomy side of 8.5 for one of my smaller feet
    Alfred Sargent Blenheim Brogues - £35 - 8.5 - Also used, condition as per pics, just too roomy again

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    Sorry to flake again but I reckon it'll be logistically too much for me to sort out right now (still need to get some bike bags and simply have a dissertation to do)
    But thanks again for organising, eyes peeled for a London-departing trip in future

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    How much were the outbound trains in total? I'm totally green to this so might be a bit too much logistically for me to sort out in time

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    Yes! Would be up for a weekend later than 27th/28th as I'll still be coming back from my Hols.
    Would love to cut my teeth bikepacking and in one fell swoop also get my first ride with LFGSS/+ internet strangers!

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    1.hoefla - womens L, zip, PAID
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    4.doubleodavey, male M, pullover PAID.
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    8.BeerByBike, Male, Large, Pullover, PAID.

    Changed my order so proceed as