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I'm a road endurance enthusiast and accredited track cyclist at Lee Valley Velodrome.
Having built a custom Cinelli Vigorelli steel, fixed bike brought me here. Not that experienced with fixie/track so any advice is welcome! Love riding my fixie!!!
Now looking to improve my knowledge on fixed gear and exchange opinions with like minded peeps!
Why does my chain slack??!

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    I need to send over a bike from London to a friend who lives in Rotterdam.
    Any suggestions please on how to do it best? Any companies that’d take it responsibly?
    It’s a carbon road bike so needs to be safe during transport. I’ve thought about sending it over via ferry but would prefer a door-to-door option for various reasons.

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    Hi are these still available by any chance?

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    Hi, ok sounds cool. I’ll be working from home so anytime can do. I’ll pm you details.

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    I have a Wheelset of Fulcrum Racing 3 road wheels (with QR) which are not really roadworthy anymore (both hubs and rims worn out) so not sure if the hub would be good for the turbo but up to 1 hour use when it starts warming up it should be fine. Clincher 600 normal size etc. I’m based in Camden.
    Edit: sorry you say track.. prolly won’t do then!

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    Interesting! Cheers!

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    Do cinelli frames come that big? On their website nothing shows more than 58..🤔

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    Hi, what’s the link to watch the Tour and the highlights?

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    Never bothered to experiment to be honest so I’ve been riding as it is. The slack isn’t as major and from the comments above it seems like a “normal” thing to happen.
    I’ve been on the track plenty of times since then and also raced a couple of crits and it’s not even noticeable :)
    I changed the chainring from 49 to 52 and no difference really. The slack is minor. Still on the same chain though.

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    Creta Maris, anissaras
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    Early bird registration ends at the end of January 2020. You can either book as an individual or as a group. 😉

    On May 10th 2020, riders from all over the world will come together for the fourth edition of “The Tour of Crete” to challenge themselves in this unique odyssey of distance, geography, climate and culture of Crete. The island warmly welcomes riders of all levels ranging from semi-professional cyclists looking for an ideal training opportunity, regional amateur champions, cycling lovers who love endurance group rides, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge and discover Crete on two wheels, village by village, stage by stage.

    The Tour consists of 6 individual stages , in which every peloton will be challenged as they visit captivating gorges, ride up massive mountains and flow through cascading valleys. There, all riders will have the opportunity to take in the magnificent showcase of Crete and pack their baggages full of memorable experiences to come home with.
    In the Tour of Crete, on May 10th 2020.

    For more information and registrations: