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I'm a road endurance enthusiast and accredited track cyclist at Lee Valley Velodrome.
Having built a custom Cinelli Vigorelli steel, fixed bike brought me here. Not that experienced with fixie/track so any advice is welcome! Love riding my fixie!!!
Now looking to improve my knowledge on fixed gear and exchange opinions with like minded peeps!
Why does my chain slack??!

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    Never bothered to experiment to be honest so I’ve been riding as it is. The slack isn’t as major and from the comments above it seems like a “normal” thing to happen.
    I’ve been on the track plenty of times since then and also raced a couple of crits and it’s not even noticeable :)
    I changed the chainring from 49 to 52 and no difference really. The slack is minor. Still on the same chain though.

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    Early bird registration ends at the end of January 2020. You can either book as an individual or as a group. 😉

    On May 10th 2020, riders from all over the world will come together for the fourth edition of “The Tour of Crete” to challenge themselves in this unique odyssey of distance, geography, climate and culture of Crete. The island warmly welcomes riders of all levels ranging from semi-professional cyclists looking for an ideal training opportunity, regional amateur champions, cycling lovers who love endurance group rides, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge and discover Crete on two wheels, village by village, stage by stage.

    The Tour consists of 6 individual stages , in which every peloton will be challenged as they visit captivating gorges, ride up massive mountains and flow through cascading valleys. There, all riders will have the opportunity to take in the magnificent showcase of Crete and pack their baggages full of memorable experiences to come home with.
    In the Tour of Crete, on May 10th 2020.

    For more information and registrations:

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    Creta Maris, anissaras
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    Registrations now open. Early bird registrations until the end of January 2020.

    Running from Sunday June 7th to Friday June 12th 2020, the Tour of Peloponnese will be concluded in 6 individual stages in consecutive days, covering a total distance of approximately 650 kilometres (406 miles) and total vertical gain of 10,900 metres (35.800 feet).

    Starting point will be the town of Xylokastro , and finishing point the town of Nafplion. Riders will visit numerous of Peloponnese’s picturesque villages, ride along the coastline and climb and descent through the stunning Peloponnesian mountains.

    Strava Club:

    Event organized by:
    Cretan Mountain Bike Trails
    Tel:+30 6945 230444
    E-mail: info@tourofpeloponnese.com

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    I am. :) happy to give you some tips. I’ve been away for quite a while so you my discover things I don’t know but can definitely give you some ideas and also liaise you with the fixed gear and cycling community if you fancy going for a ride :)

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    Bagsy has started Hydrotherapy (finally!) and is doing pretty well! Were hopeful that we’ll see good progress from now on while he gets stronger!
    Here’s a video of him swimming today.
    I’m looking to print some merch (tees and caps).
    Do you have any recommendations?

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    Got a first physio consultation today and it went really well. Happy with Bagsy’s progress and now we need to get him back on his feet and re-learn how to use gravity..

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    Hi all,
    It’s taken me a while to decide whether I should post here or not, but since dogs and bikes is a fairly common combination, I thought I should share and hope for the best.

    Basically my dog Bagsy, a 14 year old parsons terrier who was quite youthful inspite of his age until 6 weeks ago, had a spinal stroke which left him unable to walk. He hasn’t been paralysed but the nerve damage affected many parts of his body. 6 weeks later he’s shown some improvement and can turn over on his elbows when in bed and can stand with support but very weak on the rear legs.
    Vets wanted me to put him down straight away but given his vitals are perfect and he eats like a pig, I decided to not waste him like that and give him time and the chance to heal.
    6 weeks later I’ve been spending money on laser therapy, transport to the therapy centre which is in Hainault, vet visits and medication and daycare, as well as nursing consumables and equipment. Nobody knows how long this will last..bit for as long as both of us can hold up, we’ll keep fighting. He’s the top priority right now.
    Tomorrow we’re having a first consultation with a physio and once a small skin infection he has goes away, he will start Hydrotherapy.
    He can swim (took him to Hampstead Heath when we had the heatwave a couple of weeks ago) so I’m very positive that he will improve..but it will be a super slow process.
    I’ve set up a crowdfunding page and pages on social media to use for advertising, hoping to help support that the insurance won’t cover...which is pretty much everything apart from the vet bills (visits and meds).
    So if you can spare a few pounds each, we can give that little chap the chance to get the best treatment and get back up on his feet again.
    Sharing all the links below. If you prefer you can also send via PayPal (the crowdfunding keeps a commission of course).
    My paypal email is anthivalavani@gmail.com
    Thanks all and wishing everyone fab rides with your doggos or without them!🙏🏼🐶🐾🚲
    Any unused money will go to the Winston’s Wheels charity who kindly lent us a dog wheelchair to help Bagsy.

    Crowdfunding page:
    @bagsytyeterrier (Mr.Bags)