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    You can get a 13-26 on happily with 52/42 front rings. You might manage a 28t on the rear if you move the wheel right back in the dropouts OR you could fit a 52/39 chainring combo with the 13-26.

    Your mileage may vary, but it starts to get very sketchy beyond that.

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    He seems to be pretty reasonable thankfully. Few grumbles but I know these things are a hassle as a seller.

    Thanks for the advice all.

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    Cheers, yeah that's what I'm going with. It's enough money to be missed by the seller and ultimately not what I'm after so I expect it'll end up going down the return route in one way or another, hopefully amicably.

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    Tube diameters/thickness, weight compared side-by-side with a frame with virtually identical geometry and construction in a supposedly heavier tubeset (assuming the lugs /dropouts aren't made of dark matter).

    Since I've got it and had a closer look, there are a few examples online that are identically built to this one (lugs, stays , panto style / location) that are a few models down from what was described.

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    If a steel frame is advertised(in listing title and description) as being made of a particular type of tubing (no frame sticker) but turns out to be...not that, that's a 'not as described' case, right?

    I've messaged the guy first, rather than opening a return straight away, as a courtesy. Hopefully he's not a dick about it...

    But if he is?

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    Ordered. Thanks and hat to all involved.

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    Yeah, this. As a non-Italian Italian speaker, I find it kind of difficult to pronounce an Italian word the 'English' way.

    Dunno, maybe I'm just a dick.

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    Same here. Would be interested in a pro jersey and an aqua.

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    Hmm fair point about wet things. Probably a bad idea. I'm using leather Christophe toe straps,so maybe they're a bit less grippy in this application. I've got some fabric ones knocking about and will give it a go, cheers.