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    Jonny69 1x PI neon pink 1x neon green
    Aroogah - 2 x PI in Neon Pink and 2 x Clint Neon Orange
    zazkar 3x PI variety of best colours please
    Mark - 3x PI neon pink, neon lime, reflective. If the mix is a pita dealers choice.
    aglet - 3×PI — pink, reflective silver & a surprise please
    paininthe - x3 variety
    moocher - 3x PI + 2x Clint dealers choice
    ElGonzo - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    ArfurPill - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    Citron - 5x PI in Neon Pink
    Doubleodavey - 2x PI + 3x Clint dealers choice
    'your pal' fizzy bleach - 2x PI (pink and orange)
    Baz schmaz 2X neon pink Clint. + 2 reflective silver clints. + 1 surprise.
    PornishCasty - 3x PI in Pink, Lime & reflective please!

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    I’m selling my Grey Pre Cursa frameset 56cm. Purchased new at the start of the year to replace an older frame I'd been commuting on. Covid meant I've working from home since March, so this has mostly just been gathering dust in my living room. Hardly ridden for fun either as it always felt a bit big for me.

    Included in the sale is everything you'd get straight from Dolan with the frameset:

    Pre Cursa Aluminium Track Frame – 56cm – G-M-G
    Alpina UD Carbon Track Fork - Gloss - (With Brake Hole)
    Alpina 27.2mm Alloy Seatpost (350mm Setback)
    Alpina 36x45 Headset (Suitable For PreCursa - Preffisio - Tc1 - FXE)
    Alpina Single Bolt 31.9mm Seatpost Clamp

    There's a few small chips to the paint that I've tried to show in the pictures below.

    Looking for £190 ono, collection from SE5 (close to Denmark Hill station).

    Not keen on posting, but local SE delivery possible.


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    Loads of everything in the Camberwell Lidl this morning. Picked up a frame bag, quality looks excellent for the price!

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    I had a similar discussion with a cabbie last night heading home past the Waterloo Imax. He didn't like that I was riding primary into the corner towards the station/Old Vic, beeping and driving right on my wheel. Caught up with him when he got stuck at a red light about 10m after the pass and asked if it was me he was beeping at. The basis of his frustration was that he didn't know where I was going and that "there's a 1.5m path painted on the left, you should use that".

    I tried to explain that the buses tend to cut in to the cycle path, the weather, the potholes and the mass of peds about to cross the road also make that 1.5m into a much smaller gap but he wasn't having any of it, so I wished him well (genuinely) and carried on my way.

    I'm still trying to find the best way to approach those sort of situations, used to get angry, tried to ignore them for a while and now I'm experimenting with having a more level-headed discussion kinda vibe. I would've liked to have offered to buy him a pint or a coffee and to chat about it some more, he seemed like he was just having a bad day.

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    Got sideswiped by a van on my way home today outside the Lyceum Theatre, at the junction where Exeter St meets the cycle path down to Waterloo Bridge (silly set up there, had/seen quite a lot of near misses on that bit so always take it easy).

    Saw the van approaching the corner, assume he's seen me and the people cycling beside me (& all our lights) but he just keeps on coming round the corner. Managed to hop off my bike, which gets knocked over by the van and as far as I remember not run over. I'm going to check it over this evening for any damage.

    He was very cool about it all, extremely apologetic and we swapped details etc (he even let me take a picture of him!). Aside from a sore-ish wrist I'm most disapointed about finding something wrong with my bike, only had the frameset for a couple of weeks!

    My question is aside from checking the frame and all that, should I roadsafe tonight anyway or wait to see if there's any damage that needs paying for? The ironic thing is I was planning on fitting a camera later that I've had sitting around for weeks...

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    I grew up a stone's throw from Silchester, and still regularly ride around that area when I visit my folks back there.

    When I started cycling and still lived in the area, I was totally unaware of the history of Calleva RC at the time. So it would be great to hear more about the club too (if anyone has any knowledge?).

    It seems the local cyclists are drawn to clubs like NHRC or the Oakley Pedalers, both of which have large memberships and a wide variety of events; NHRC regularly run 10 mile TT sessions around Mortimer and the OP organise large social group rides.

    It would be brilliant to have a club back around there, even if it were to be a purely social affair. I know a lot of cyclists in the area use The Plough and the Arms as stops on routes, perhaps asking some of them may give some ideas on starting something up?

    Anyway, there's some great roads in that part of the country although I might be biased having grown up there... I wish I had enough disposable income to buy that trophy!

    All the best with your search for information regarding the old club, I hope you get some more information. Have subbed incase anyone else shares any more info.

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    Had a polite chat with a taxi driver at some lights on Camberwell Rd after noticing youtube on his phone (windscreen mounted). Thought it was odd that it took him time to notice the green light when I passed him up by the Walworth Rd Barclays so reckon he'd been watching a for a while despite him saying the opposite.

    What's the forum approved wee handlebar camera suggestion? Thought I'd been seeing less of this sort of thing over the last few months but feel like it might be time to get one.

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    Mine was 6 weeks off bikes, 8 before drops. Started to feel alright after 4 but didn't fancy risking it. To be honest I found it felt worse after they took the plate out, so if you have the option of keeping it in I'd say do that. It took about 4 months after the second op for everything to feel solid again but then again I didn't actually break anything, just snapped all the ligaments so could be different for you.