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    I've made it across Europe— my final logistical issue is figuring out a shop in Edinburgh to drop my bike off for boxing between September 10 and 16 when I'll be road tripping with friends, and then how to get it to the airport for a 12PM flight when it seems like basically every shop opens at 10am Sunday, which would only get one to the airport by 1030am by cab best case— too risky, in my book.

    Any suggestions for a bike shop to pack my bike in Edinburgh, ideally one open 9am Sunday?

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    I am planning to take the summer off from work to take a cycle tour of Europe of around 3 months, likely early June to early September. I post on the NYC Fixed Forum which has a few crossover members and figured this site might be a good resource with similar folks with more experience with Europe.

    My route so far is pretty vague — I will have friends in the area of Barcelona in June, so I am thinking of starting in Portugal and doing a reverse-C across Europe and finishing at my uncle's in Thame, Oxfordshire, perhaps meeting my younger cousin at the ferry in Harwich and cycling the last bit with him. I am thinking of perhaps taking the Danube to the East, and getting myself to England via Copenhagen & Amsterdam & then to the ferry at Hook of Holland.

    Any advice on favorite routes to cycle through Europe? Places to avoid? Countries where it is easy & difficult to load the bicycle on a train? Places or times it'd be difficult to show up and find a hostel or place to camp?