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    Yeah had it a few years now, custom geo, think the ST is about 62cm. Feels super stiff despite the large dimensions. Amazing ride quality. Only change is I had the fork/stem/post repainted to give it a bit of colour. View is looking west towards the Lake District from near the top of Hartside Pass in Cumbria :)

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    Whilst we are on the subject of large Ti bikes here is my Mosaic

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    Yep used the blue ones. Seem fine. Haven't tried with black pads.

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    Have had both the Mavic Exaliths and the DT Swiss. The Mavics provide slightly better braking I think but the surface colour does wear off, I found it to be quite gradual though and that was through use in all seasons. I haven't had the DT Swiss as long but haven't noticed any degradation in the colour at all.

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    If there is one positive to come out of this it will be to realise how many non-esse trial/completely unnecessary airplane flights we take all the time.

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    Haha, could be a new tactic, "we'll do whatever you want, just stop singing ffs"

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    If interested, a couple of events over the next week or so for your diaries:



    The BP one is not an XR event but there will definitely be people from XR local groups there.

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    You can borrow the ones I bought off you :)

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    Boris Johnson said: "John McDonnell, I will join you. I will lie down in front of those bulldozers and stop the construction of that third runway." In the upcoming election what are our political parties doing to meet the UK's legal target of net zero by 2050? Or XR's second demand of net zero by 2025? The building of a third runway is incompatible with either target!

    We need investment in cycling infrastructure NOT fossil fuel infrastructure if we are to prevent social and economic collapse!

    On this day cyclist will reclaim the streets from Hyde Park to Heathrow in a critical mass ride of epic proportions to invite Boris Johnson and John McDonnell to fulfil their pledges and meet us at Heathrow to lie down in front of our giant inflatable bulldozer. Johnson's empty words are an example of the hypocrisy and greenwashing evident from all political parties - that is why we declare ourselves in rebellion against the political system which has let us to the six mass-extinction and the climate crisis.

    We declare ourselves in rebellion against the rules of the road that put car users before vulnerable cyclists - we are all vulnerable, vulnerable to food shortages, vulnerable to water shortages, to power outages and vulnerable to the climate and ecological breakdown.

    Our critical mass will cause disruption but just a token disruption to make real in a small way the catastrophe that is sure to come if political will is not bent towards tackling this emergency.

    Fly flags and play music and wave bulldozer banners to show that we do what we do with joy and hope that we can still make a difference - that we can still change course to brighter future.
    Join the Telegram chat now for details and to share ideas about how we can make this one to remember! https://t.me/joinchat/NDJ0NFTL8h645TBk-n­SkZg


    • Start of ride:

    Hyde Park Corner (centre of roundabout): meet 10.00 for prompt 10,30 departure.

    • Intermediate pick-up points (prompt departure times):

    11.00 Earls Court (junction of Cromwell Road and Warwick Road).

    11.30 Hammersmith (outside Hammersmith Apollo theatre).

    12.00 Gunnersbury (under Brentford flyover, opposite Esso garage).

    • End of ride: 'Bulldozer lie-in' and rally:

    1.00 for 1.30 Northern end of tunnel to Terminals 2 and 3, next to large model Airbus in middle of roundabout.


    • From Central London:

    Travel to Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 via TfL Rail or Heathrow Express (from London Paddington) or via Piccadilly Line. Then take buses 105, 111, 140 or 285 or U3 from Heathrow Central Bus Station, through the tunnel under the runway, getting off at the first bus stop (Newport Road). You'll pass the model Airbus as you leave the tunnel. Walk back to it.

    Local buses:

    • Buses 81 (from Slough or Hounslow), 105 (from Greenford or Southall), 111 (from Kingston, Hampton or Hounslow), 140 (from Harrow or Hayes & Harlington), 222 (from Uxbridge, West Drayton or Hounslow), 285 (from Kingston, Hampton, Feltham or Hatton Cross) and 423 (from Hounslow or Hatton Cross) all stop on the A4 Bath Road, near the junction with Nene Road (between the Renaissance and Heathrow Ibis Styles hotels). Walk along A4 Bath Road to the Nene Road junction (the nearest traffic lights, next to a Texaco garage), turn left then immediately right (onto East Ramp). The model Airbus is in the middle of the roundabout in front of you.