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    What to do, what to do, what to do...

    Left with everything but a frame, and a cycle tour at the start of September I'm weighing up my options:

    1. Buy the Tempest frame again new £700
      +I think it looks good, and still meets my spec.
      -I'm put off after seeing one break, and Planet X's 2 year warranty.

    2. Buy a different titanium frame - Lynskey Sportive Disc £800
      +Nearly like for like so a simple choice.
      +Lifetime warranty, which helps justify some of the cost, and ease my concerns.
      -This only takes 32mm max, which might look a bit odd with the 42mm ready forks.
      -Less pretty (I think I can de-ugly it by removing the decals).
      -Some less favourable shop reviews about the geometry.

    3. Sack off this titanium nonsense and buy an aluminium bike
      +Plenty more options (Kinesis 4S Disc, RTD, Bowman Pilgrims Disc) at similar price point, money back from selling the fork.
      +Comparable weight for the more speedy days.
      -Hassle of selling said fork, and losing fork mounts.
      -Not many have pannier mounts for if I decide to do fully loaded touring.
      -It's hard to see the distinction between some of them.

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    Finally had all the parts ready so took the obligatory 'everything on the floor' photo.

    Dropped off all the bits at LBK and tried to find a parking space. When I came back the woman working there greeted me with "did you know about this?" and showed me the crack in the chainstay. Fuck.

    We're now one month on and and after plenty of hassle with the seller, eBay and Hermes I have my money back.

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    Black and new/very lightly used please. Collecting from London.

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    I have all the bits ready to lace up a set of wheels, but I won't have a bike to test them with or a tension meter to check I've done enough for a little while. I've read that it's good practice to give them a quick ride and retrue (if needed) while the linseed oil hasn't cured. Should I hold off?

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    Dynamo light without the dynamo. Hoping the bodge will get me through the night.

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    Popped into LBK yesterday, and they seem friendly enough. £50 gets you a year's worth of off peak workshop time. You're not allowed to bleed hydraulics there which is a pain.

    Dropout inserts arrived from Planet X, but without screws. £45, and not including these is bullshit. Eyeballed it, and ordered M4x12mm from Amazon.

    Groupset (R7020) arrived yesterday, which lead to any inevitable array of questions.

    Where are the bloody olives?
    Not an 'overhead in Waitrose', but a misunderstanding about the hydraulic brakes. The levers come separately from the calipers which have hoses installed. Everything comes pre filled. I squeezed the lever, and found myself covered with mineral oil. Fuck.


    On the videos I saw the process to install is clamp the in supplied block, trim to length with sharp blade, hammer in the end, slide end and olive over tube, insert and tighten. On this kit the end and olive are already in the lever, so you just trim, install the hose insert, push it into the lever and tighten. Shimano are trying push their magic tool so don't supply the block to hold the hose. Anyone know where I can get hold of one?

    How do I run the cables?
    The groupset comes with pre trimmed cable sleeve, split on the downtube. The frame has partial guides (see link). Do I need have the full cable run sleeved? My old Tiagra had tensioners at the levers. Do I need these with the 105?

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    Any recommendations on this side of life? There seems to be many options that are hard to separate. I think why the expensive options are well represented because people vouch for them.