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London commuter sick of dealing with tube dwellers, soon to be on two wheels!!

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    Anyone doing this route in the morns?

    Il throw in a coffee en route!

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    HI folks,

    I've recently moved to Streatham Hill and as per the title I was wondering if anyone commutes from Streatham Hill to Canary Wharf and wouldn't mind someone tagging along in the morn/eve to get used to the route(s)!?

    I am about 5 mins from Streatham Hill train station so can meet there in the morning, ideally would like to be at Canary Wharf for 8 - 8:15am.

    Any help greatly appreciated,


    Fuzzy D

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    Appreciate the heads up Dicki! I think I will try stick to the main routes for now until I get used to the commute and route(s).

    In your opinion is it a busy route for cyclists commuting in the morn and evening?

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    Thames path

    cant find this on google maps, where about is Thames Path?

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    Thanks Dicki, looks like a good route! Is it safe to cycle along the canal path with all the pedestrians that would be using it?

    Part of the reasoning behind cycling is getting a bit fitter so I would be curious to know what kind of pace I could manage along the canal part of the route?


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    Hi folks,

    I hope you are all well!

    I am soon to be commuting from Harringey to Canary Wharf, Im just waiting for the bike to work scheme to kick in for me in the next couple of weeks!

    Can anyone advise on a good route to get me started or better still if anyone here does the commute may I tag along to help familiarise myself.

    I live just off Green Lanes so could meet in the morns at Manor House, Seven Sisters, Stamford Hill or anywhere close if that helps!

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from some of you,

    ALAN B