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(Up)hill-hater who is new to the cycling world (love at first ride) and trying to make up for lost time by immersion in trying different models, materials, building, buying and selling different bits (hopefully without losing too much money) until I settle on a few things that really suit me in different circumstances.

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    Amen - points-fest upcoming

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    Any reason I can't put my condenser dryer and small chest freezer in a Keter Max Arc box - happy to drill a few holes and add a vent although of course they're not air tight?

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    are rear mech shimano b links generic? ie if I take an old acera mech off from the link rather than hanger, can I fix a direct mount XT 11sp to it essentially making it a traditional mount?

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    but was a stand out performer in the October internationals and possibly (???) made the most meters of any Ireland players this tournament....agree his defence is very awkward and liable to cost you a game; oh, yeah, the hair too. Fair point

    edit: just seen Ellis Genge 'roughing up' of Jonny Sexton - unsavoury to say the least!

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    cheers, and @Bobbo. My third year doing it so I've learned the most important thing is to insist on 15 minutes on Saturday morning to check the team sheets and make sure your 15 players are playing! Same time next year - well, Lions chat???? Based on 6N performances, how on Earth can any England players be assured of their place in the test team? I think Itoje is a special player who'll start BUT he has been absolutely outperformed by a number of competitors (a few of his stats make terrible reading). How can H Watson, Stander and Tipuric not start in the back row? How can Faz be anywhere near the starting XV? So, following on from last week.

    1. W. Jones
    2. K Owens
    3. T Furlong
    4. T Beirne
    5. I Henderson
    6. J Tipuric
    7. H Watson
    8. CJ Stander
    9. R Webb
    10. J Sexton
    11. D VD Merwe
    12. R Henshaw
    13. G North
    14. L Rees-Zammit
    15. S Hogg

    R Sutherland, Z Fagerson, G Turner, M Itoje, T Faletau, A Price, F Russell, L Williams

    I mean, seriously - from England; i'd say that combining form, potential and history, these players should tour but struggle make an argument for any more, ahead of other home nations players.
    Sinkler, Itoje, Curry, Simmonds, A Watson (Tuilagi if fit and sure Faz will tour given his previous tours and favour with Gats)

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    Cheers @DethBeard - not gonna lie, I was bit gutted but it's by own fault for picking 4 England players who achieved less than 50pts combined!!!! Yes, it's a nice way of paying a bit more attention to the games and performances and having a go at different approaches. Yes, the Supersub...I always thought I was clever putting a starting fly-half or winger on the bench then realised the sub outside back who comes on against Italy for 15 mins and gets an intercept try can score 100 points!! I mean, with Jalibert going off after 25 mins on saturday I assume Ntamack triple points supersub would've been 150+.

    Oh well, I very much look forward to same time next year -
    cheers all for joining and the craic

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    Dog was most upset by a fella on a 29er unicycle tearing down a MTB trail last week - got chatting and he was saying he's got a 32" as well

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    pfft - disappointed. For the reasons you say, including Odogwu- he covers centre and wing so I can only imagine that Eddie's seen enough and doesn't rate him as a test player. I really rate Marchant and feel that putting Daly there is a too negative/conservative a decision given opportunities to combine the hear and now with building a team and looking at players for the future, especially as England have no silverware to play for.

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    Yes, similar thoughts to me re:Billy however it's a fine balance to strike between having enough power to gain a degree of set-piece parity up front with enough speed and breakdown nouse to get one over on the Boks at the tackle area.

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    Yes, can't believe he's nearly 40 - he's almost the same age as me and I thought that as I always remember him at the age he picked Tait up, I'd stay that age too! Bloody hell, Rangi Chase is their skipper. They've got a backer, clearly!!