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    Great I will give it a go, I thought it should be removable. Will report the result!

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    I am trying to replace a headset in a 2012 Fuji Classic frameset. I am running into issues with the crown race removal though. The race will not budge, and upon closer inspection, it seems it may be built-in. Has anyone got any idea if that may be the case?

    Thanks guys.

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    onny69 1x PI neon pink 1x neon green
    Aroogah - 2 x PI in Neon Pink and 2 x Clint Neon Orange
    zazkar 3x PI variety of best colours please
    Mark - 3x PI neon pink, neon lime, reflective. If the mix is a pita dealers choice.
    aglet - 3×PI — pink, reflective silver & a surprise please
    paininthe - x3 variety
    moocher - 3x PI + 2x Clint dealers choice
    ElGonzo - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    ArfurPill - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    Citron - 5x PI in Neon Pink
    Doubleodavey - 2x PI + 3x Clint dealers choice
    'your pal' fizzy bleach - 2x PI (pink and orange)
    Baz schmaz 2X neon pink Clint. + 2 reflective silver clints. + 1 surprise.
    PornishCasty - 3x PI in Pink, Lime & reflective please!
    Black math - 1 x PI in pink, 2x Clint in pink
    Scoot - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    si_mon628 - 1x PI in pink, 1x PI in orange, 1x PI in lime. Thanks!
    Kdregg- 2 x PI in lime 1 PI in pink
    cgg - 2x PI in pink, 2x Clint in orange
    Amey - 1x PI in Neon Pink 1x PI in reflective
    M_V 2x PI, 2x Clint. Whichever colours come to hand first please.
    DethBeard - 2xPI (Neon Pink and Reflective)
    dsalmon x3 hot hot pink
    stelfox 3x hot pink
    reulbg 2x hot pink, please
    punkture 3x neon pink 2x Clint in pink
    meneer 5x PI pls, 3 neon pink and 2 reflective silver
    sinthewood 5x PI variety pack
    knowthejo 1 x Pl Neon Pink 1 x Pl Neon Lime
    Adroit. 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have.
    Zed - 5xPI of your choice / whatever you have
    2slices - 4xPI happy with a mix of fluorescent colours.
    Samuelson - 3xPI, Lime, Orange and silver if poss. But happy with whatever you have

    Clipon- 3 x PI, in any colour left please
    HjustH- 1x PI, prefer silver but dealer’s choice if out.
    shoes - 3xPI - Happy with any colours that are available
    Jan_p - 1xPI - happy with any colour option

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    Hi, I am still looking for a large Pomnpio frameset, with 120mm rear spacing. Thanks!

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    Hey guys,
    Looking for a single speed, sized 56/57.
    I’m quite open to what I can get but would like to spend around £300 with some wiggle room. Drops setups are less preferred but I will consider them - can always change it up.
    Bonus for racks or mudguards.

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    Hey. I know the odds for one for sale are rather slim but does anyone have a Large Pompino frame they want to part with? Thanks!