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    I just screwed two M10 x 1 nuts on the ends by hand to cover the exposed axle. The axle has to be long enough for alu or carbon frames with thick dropouts. Steel bikes, especially with plate dropouts, will leave a lot of spare axle protruding. Cut it down and the wheel may not be transferable to another bike.

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    Pair of Miche Primato Pista silver 36h track hubs for £30. Lots available. I have no connection with the seller (but I have bought some!)


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    I can only reiterate the advice given previously in these threads that choosing "compatible" components only works if your frame is perfectly aligned, with the rear dropouts exactly equidistant from the cenrre line. It is not unusual for a rear triangle to be 4mm off to one side, which is unnoticeable on gears but hopeless for fixed unless you select components to fit the frame's shortcomings.

    Steel frames can be re-tracked. With carbon or aluminium I would avoid buying the components until you know how straight the frame is.

    The only accurate way to confirm chainline is with a long straight edge.

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    LHT in this year's yicky colour. I swapped all the bits over from my old Hewitt Cheviot. The LHT is much better than the Cheviot when loaded.

    20180623_072029 by rogerzilla, on Flickr