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    You would think that a bunch of elected representatives could come up with some way of choosing a representative for themselves

    Also a bit surprising that Corbyn even wants to be caretaker PM and take personal responsibility for stopping no deal, given that his Brexit strategy is basically the Jurassic Park T-Rex idea, "stay perfectly silent, make no movements at all or I'll be eaten alive by voters"

    And also whoever gives in first is going to come off looking best, as a compromising pragmatist instead of a self-interested zealot.

    Seems to me Corbyn doesn't have much to lose by allowing Ken Clarke or someone to do it IMO.

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    I think it's all just a bit of theatre seeing as there's not anything to actually do for the time being. Someone will give in when faced with the choice between the non-ideal caretaker PM and no deal, actual food shortages and riots.

    Might as well complain a bit on the off chance you can score some political points, although it does make everyone look a bit petty

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    It's as horrid as it looks. Just as a bonus bit of nastiness the rails are red too. All yours! Will PM

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    I don't think anything's going to happen really til MPs come back in Sept. Lots of idiocy about who'll be PM of caretaker government but I feel the issue is more about whether or not MPs have the power to actually force a new government in the first place

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    Anyone want any of this hideous stuff? Will give it to the Bike Station if not.

    Also have this stuff for sale: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3373­87/

    Pair of moderately worn Continental Speed King 26" × 2.1" (old style, not the new ones). Free

    Pair of blue Vredestein Fortezza Senso, 700c×25mm. Free

    Pair of Bontrager SR1 slick tyres 26" × 1.5". Free

    World's most disgusting saddles - free (really I ought to pay you to take these)

    Black 3T drop bars, 25.8 clamp - free

    Silver North Road bars, not exactly sure of clamp size, seemed a bit creaky - free

    Amusingly garish fluoro Profile aero bars - free

    26" canti/V-brake fork, horrid blue colour. ~16.5cm steerer, ~5cm thread. Free

    26" QR disc brake wheel, rear, with broken freehub. Rim's still good (36h). I was using it reversed with the 6-bolt fixed sprocket. Free

    Generic 700c QR disc brake wheel, front - I think the axle's ever-so-slightly bent (maybe a mm or so out at the rim) as this wheel was attached to a bike that was attacked by neds. But still works fine - I've no need for it. Free

    Assorted shite - spokes, horrid pedals, stem bolts, etc. - all free

    All collected in Gorgie if possible, evenings and weekends, or you can wait until I'm working from home one day. Or I can maybe bring things to Kirkcaldy on a weekday.

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    Clearing out some crap. I live in Edinburgh and would prefer collection but can definitely post the Eggbeaters and Apex calipers. Will post the fork, wheel and rims if no one takes them locally and I can be bothered. If you're local feel free to take some of this shite also.

    4 pairs of Eggbeater pedals and 1 pair of cleats + bolts. Some smoother than others but all working AFAIK. Had these on all my bikes but switched to SPD. £50 OBO for the lot

    SRAM Apex calipers. Everything there, good working order, but no pads. £15

    Giant TCR Once fork. 17cm steerer, 4cm of thread. £15 OBO

    26" Mavic Crossride, QR, front, rim brake, destickered - perfectly usable, but I've switched to discs. Quite like this wheel really. £10 OBO

    Pair of 27.5"/ 650b Mavic XM317 disc rims, 17mm internal, 32 hole. Was going to build these up myself but found some nicer ones so these have to go. £15 OBO

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    How is someone who doesn't like cooking and doesn't have time to fuck about with cooking supposed to create a healthy vegan diet?

    What I've started doing is to fling a load of pre-chopped veg/beans/chopped tomatoes/etc. in a slow cooker in the morning and it's ready when I get home. Then I have it for lunch the next day. Do that a few times a week. At most I have to wait for some rice to boil.

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    Just the same as 29"×2.2" isn't it? There's loads of those. Race Kings in that guy's case.