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Mostly ride TT's, but getting into track riding aiming to race some pursuits next season. Have given bunch racing a few cracks but it's not for me.

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    I sat down last weekend and decided to build a wheel. First time round I got it perfectly true and then realised it was completely out of dish. Then sorted the dish out and realised I'd wound the spokes up far too tight. Third time was thankfully a charm, and I now have a rebuilt rear wheel.

    Checking the front I found the spokes were wound up way higher than they should be (perhaps explains why the rear hub had failed) and despite lots of penetrating oil I couldn't loosen them, so I've now torn that wheel down and will rebuild around a new hub.

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    I've been doing my first foray into wheel building on a set of Zipp 202s I picked up cheap from eBay due to the rear hub being cracked. I've rebuilt the rear with a new hub, spokes and nipples, and just about got it trued and dished with a DS tension of 110kgf

    I wasn't going to touch the front, but checking the spoke tensions for interest with the tyre off, they're ludicrously high - 26 on the Park tension meter translating to well north of 400kgf (2.2x0.9mm Sapim CX Ray Spokes).

    I can see nothing online about ever winding spokes up to that sort of tension but wanted to check I'm not missing something before I attack these ones. Given the level of corrosion on the nipples I expect a rebuild on the front to be necessary too but have oiled each nipple and will leave them overnight before trying to do any loosening.

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    Hi all

    I'm considering a front wheel rebuild around a nicer hub but don't fancy the cost of a Chris King R45 new. I thought I'd check if anyone has one they're happy to part with - 18h and in Black or Red would be ideal.

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    I didn't quite believe it until it arrived, but I've managed to snaffle a rather nice NOS Boxed Zipp VumaQuad Crank for this build at an absolute snip

    At the same time the Campag fairy also visited.

    I've never run Campag before but aesthetically it just fitted the bill too nicely to say no. Again NOS at a snip vs RRP, so I'm feeling pretty smug. I should get a chance to sit down this week and have a go at building the rear wheel up again.

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    I have had some interest in individual items but as of now the full groupset is still available. I'd rather not split but will consider doing so if it's still here by this time next week.