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    Thanks for the insight dubtap.

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    Hey everyone,

    Wondering if there is anyone on here who might be able to help with a recurring problem on my single speed.

    I seem to have a problem with breaking pedals and cranks. Earlier in the year I managed to snap a Miche Primato Advanced crank arm in two. After some research and deduction I realised the part of the pedal that meets the crank was flexing and slowly but surely eating into the crank arm causing the split. I bought some washers and the problem was solved.

    However, I then replaced it with the same crank (wiggle replaced it) and after 5 months or so the same pedals I had been using (plastic BMX platform pedals) came free at the axle and simply fell off. I then bought some metal BMX platform pedals hoping to stop it happening again but the tread of the pedal has just eaten into the thread of my right crankarm - and now i'm back to square one.

    I'm 6ft 7 and weigh 102kg and like to ride fairly aggressively. The gear ratio is 48T / 16T.

    Am I right in thinking the above factors are attributing to the consistent broken cranks and pedals? Tempted to just try change the gear ratio so less force is needed.

    Ideally I'd like components that would hold up to the way I like to ride.

    Can anyone see where I'm going wrong? Suggest a solution?