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    Sold, thanks very much!

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    Sorry forgot to mention would prefer collection, based in SW London and work in NW or happy to meet in between.

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    Yepp Maxi child seat for sale. It is the seat post mount version. Used for about a year for the nursery run so showing signs of wear where the seat slides onto the bracket but the actual seat and straps are in great condition. The seat is good quality and comes highly recommended as it is comfy and secure.

    There are two brackets available as used to swap it between mine and my wife's bike.

    Only selling as I have changed to a bike with rack mounts so have bought another Yepp Maxi but the rack mounting version!


    Seat and two Brackets £60
    Seat and one bracket £50
    One bracket without the seat £15

    The pictures aren't brilliant, let me know if you want to see more details.


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    Hi all,

    FS is this Dave Lloyd Concept 90 frame.

    Size is Seat tube 56 ctc, 61 ctt due to extended seatpost, top tube 56 ctc

    The Bad:
    There is a crack around seat post collar where the extended collar joins the seat tube. I believe this is a fairly common problem with this frame and imagine it is an easy enough fix but I am never going to get around to it and is such a shame that this frame is sat not getting used.

    The frame has been repainted at some point, but has some fairly large chips that i have touched up and
    the graphics are just stuck on, not lacquered over so peeling off in places. There is also tire rub on the chain stay where the wheel slipped.

    The Good:
    Beautiful fillet brazed steel frame with amazing wishbone seat stay and credited as the first frame to use a modern geo sloping top tube.

    Apart from the crack the rest of the frame is sound, dent and rust free.

    When I bought this frame the crack was evident but I hoped it was just the paint cracking so i built it up and rode it for a couple of months but the crack got slightly larger so I stopped riding it. It is a lovely frame to ride and I would love to get it fixed and repainted but in reality I will never get round to it.

    Hopefully someone on here can see the potential of this frame and wants to resurrect the bike?

    £80 collection only, based in SW London but work in NW, happy to meet in between.

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    Quite interested, will dm you!

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    Yep, no real idea how much moisture it is putting in but I have to trust that it is doing the right thing... Well I seem to be getting much better results thanks to being distracted when putting it in. Will try a bit more experimentation and see if I can repeat the results at the weekend! Yes in theory the second loaf had 45 minutes more of warming up towards room temp having taken both loaves out of the fridge at the same time.

    Ah the joy of baking, so many variables to consider!

    Thanks very much.

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    I preheat for about 40 minutes at 230c, I bake on a baking steel which is a 0.25" thick slab of steel and set the steam oven to the bread mode so should be moist. Only difference between the two loaves was that the first was baked at 220c and the second was at 180c and the second rose much better so I guest in reality with my set up 220c is too hot and is firming up the crust way too fast?