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    Maybe after doing the Silk Road race, you view that sort of terrain with different eyes, and maybe it's a little Silk Road training?

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    Could this type of event be done with any reasonable efficiency without the help of any technology?
    To have to think and calculate routing while racing . ouch.

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    haha thats funny, I'm with Bagoly. It's a harmless joke like when we were kids and crushing on a girl. Hope he does't get burned at the stake it from it.

    It would be an honour and privilege to be dropped by Fiona.

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    View from the beginning of the parcours from Google Street view.
    Some sun between the clouds there now, so view should be alright.

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    Does "Changed position" mean you tried slamming those cleats as far back as possible?

    If possible, consider cutting the holes (with a chain saw file for example) so you can put the cleats back even further. You can find this file in the garden section of hardware stores next to the chain saw chains. They are the right diameter of the cleat holes and can munch up carbon good enough.

    The theory is that with the cleat towards the back, the calf muscle is less stressed, therefore pulling less on the Achilles tendon.

    Power to you!

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    Welcome to the club ;) pretty soon you'll be doing maths!

    Wish y'all no mechanical issues and a puncture free experience.

    Looking forward to living another TCR vicariously through watching your dots and scavenging the webs for pics and info.

    all the best !

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    Will the GRX RD-RX810 work with a large cassettes at the rear and a large tooth difference at the front.

    Based on the data and experience we know from ultegra, and doing the maths, that answer is no. But lets leave the "maybe" door open for now.

    Looks like Shimano want you to do one or the other. Large range at the rear, or at the front, and then buy into the components that get you that. Those of us that want/need both, still have to deal with wolf dohickeys.

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    another tech talk,

    Happy to post the following on different appropriate thread if someone shares which one.
    Since the time we were on about rear mechs & cassettes etc., I wanted to figure out the maths of why does a 46/34 front works with an 11/40 rear and also compare with the new GRX.

    We know that the Ultegra RD-R8000-GS & RD-RX-800-GS, that is meant for a 34 tooth max rear cassette can handle a 40 with the B screw adjustment. Presumably due to a larger body size than previous generations.
    But why does Wolftooth say that with a 46/30 front with an 11/42, it requires an XT rear mech? = mech capacity.

    Medium cage:
    Ultegra RD-R8000-GS = 39 Teeth
    Ultegra RD-RX-800-GS = 39T
    GRX RD-RX812 = 31T

    Medium cage? Or is it longer?
    GRX RD-RX810 = 40T

    Long Cage :
    XT RD-M80000-SGS = 47T

    If we look again at the 46/34 front with an 11/40 and do the maths: (46-34) + (40-11) = 41
    To go 2 teeth over the capacity of 39 is something like a chain link difference so I can see how the medium cage Ultegra can handle this. With only a 12T difference at the front this makes sense of why this setup works well.

    Interestingly the new GRX capacity are not what I expected. They are meant as an either/or option of a 1x, or 2x with their new crank and a max 34T at the rear.

    If we look at a 46/30 front with an 11/42 then (46-30) + (42-11) = 47
    Et voila long cage XT mech to take up the chain slack from 16T at the front and 31 at the rear.

    The GRX RD-RX810 has a rated capacity of 40T. Presumably one more T to take up the slack from the 17T difference in their 48/31 crank offering.

    What if we wanted to run that new crank with an 11/40 rear? (48-31) + (40-11) = 46
    That is XT territory. Will the GRX RD-RX810 work? Can a 40T capacity be stretched to 46? Or 48 if we wanted to run an 11/42 at the rear?

    It depends on the length of that cage on the RX810. Maybe it is longer and more like the long cage XT than the mediums?

    After some googling I have not found anything. It would be good to know before spending the time and money on another experiment.

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    oooh cool, can you share what is the inner width of the rim and the air pressure.
    Interested to know what factors make the 35mm come up as a 33.

    How do you find the weight? It's alright to swing around no?