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Currently built;
-Black/Grey Scott S30 Shimano 105 9sp 2006
-White Specialized FSR Elite Shimano SLX 2009

Will ride again;
-White Ribble Alloy TT 2009
-White Gazelle Formula Race 501 1989
-Green B'Twin Subsin Double Evo SS 2012
-White/Blue Scott Super Evolution 1991
-White Scott CR1 Team 2010
-White Specialized P3 2005

The exes;
-White Giant Defy 4 2013
-Black/Blue Specialized 415 2002 BMX

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    Can always rely on dads not to throw out anything!
    Edit; upside pic is upside down

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    Brotherly love.

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    The bike has been built up for a week or two now but it’s far from finished.
    It’s not been essential to finish it, the Scott and MTB are all I really need and I’ve slowly started the ball rolling on getting my Gazelle frame back in use.

    For this I need to drill out the star nut and replace, properly.
    Fit a top cap.
    True the wheels.
    Cones are shot, I have some donors and it’s been put off long enough so hope to get this finished in the next few days.

    Here’s a hasty photo.

    Edit; the carpet succumbed to the wrath of pets. We have a new floor coming this weekend.
    Wife will kill me if she ever sees this...

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    I am very excited.
    Bin friending for some crybaby.

    Pulled out my real amp, spent about two years playing through my laptop with a guitar port, really old gearbox software and headphones.

    The plan was to see what doesn’t work, everything does except I could do with an 18v DC for my power brick, a 12v is working as I no longer have any 18v pedals.
    Must’ve sold my MXR double shot.

    Is my Wah, or anyone’s for that matter, supposed to honk? Maybe I’m being too aggressive. I’m rolling back treble and guitar volume so much my guitar sounds underwater but if I hit the strings too hard as I use the pedal it honks, like a loud popping-honk-peak of treble kinda sound.

    Am I making any sense?
    Is it me or the wah?

    Edit; umm might have babbled a bit there.
    Pretty sure it’s the lead.

    Still very much excited mind.

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    Thanks for the advice!

    I still haven’t turned it on but it’s sounding more and more of a dud. I thought it might be fun to have a go on logic and stuff, have a dedicated ‘creative’ machine.

    Not sure I can justify keeping it.

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    Are your bikes fitted with outboard motors too? 0.o
    Great pics, awesome looking place.

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    Found a 2006 iMac A1224 in a bin the other day.
    Any chance I can use it?

    I haven’t any experience outside of iPhones and 4th gen iPods with apple so I really have no clue if this was worth salvaging in respect to being able to use it.

    What common problems should I look for? I’m assuming a software fault tbh but haven’t turned it on.
    Are users and passwords and stuff like windows pc or like iOS iCloud?

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    These are cheap and fit my stem.

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    Found a nice modolo rear brake.

    Unfortunately the stays are a weird shape and they won’t work.
    Shame really.

    I also have a pair of sora brakes. So one of them went on.

    Before it went on the spring had popped out. It’s back on no worries but when squeezing with your hand (before mounting) the spring could pop out again. It seems OK no the pads and wheel are in the way.
    Is that sketchy?
    It won’t pop out now will it?
    It’s only the rear at least.