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-White Specialized P1 2005
-White Giant Defy 4 2013
-Black/Blue Specialized 415 2002
Will ride again;
-White Ribble Alloy TT 2009
-White Gazelle Formula Race 1989
-White/Blue Scott Evolution 1994
-White Scott CR1 Team 2010

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    This is a start.

    I have a fork, a stem, LH shifter, rear derailleur, cassette, 1 brake, cranks and rings, pedals, seatpost, saddle, headset, bar ends, skewers and a Ksyrium rear wheel that isn't pictured.

    I'll need bars, cables, BB, RH shifter, another brake, tape, a chain, front derailleur, front wheel, tyres and tubes.

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    My parts bin is full but lacking, I have some useable components though and I'm not sure how responsible getting stuff in the post is right now. I love a budget as it is just this time theres a cance of being close to it. It's not intended to be a flashy bike, something to get out on a quiet morning or evening for the time being.
    Hopefully find the spark again.

    That being said I will at least need weels, handlebars and probably most of the drivetrain too.

    I've bought a headset, it's 41mm.

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    This is my balcony.
    I moved in with my Girlfriend a while ago now and had to downsize a fair amount. It didn't happen overnight.
    I used to have a whole front room, kitchen and laminate flooring as far as the eye could see before I came to my sense and settled down.

    I'm restless.

    I've always built my own bikes.
    I'm still fairly useless at it though tbh.

    There's an old 501 Gazelle Formula race at the back that was my first destructive build. It was a snazzy sparkly pink before I ruined it.

    Then there's a Ribble TT frame I can never find info on and never built up cos I couldn't measure the headtube for a headset 7 years ago, or something.

    The Specialized P? at the front has been built up a few times a number of ways.

    Owned these bikes since I was young and dumb and inexperienced and broke. I'm slightly less those things now. They all have stories and will all get serious builds they deserve in due time.

    Had a bit of a crisis last summer and bought the full sus.
    Rode it a few times, realised I was really outta shape and MTB is a whole different ball game. Rode it a few more times and realised I'm a pansy too, I tell my friends the front wheel is too wobbly but really its just my dumpt not-a-teenager-anymore nerves.

    I also had a really nice ally Giant Defy I built up with Ksyriums and SRAM Red/Force and it was awesome, never missed a beat, really proud of it, got nicked like nice things do.
    Then I bought that Godforsaken knee sucking 3" tyre cardiac arrest and lost the spark.
    A few Scott frames in various places too.

    I'm gonna build up the Ribble

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    Still there three hours later

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    Early rise

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    Don’t take this sweeping generalisation to heart Londoners but as a green fields Yorkshire man I’d imagine there is a wealth of experience of storing bikes in awkward small flats down there compared to up here.

    I’m looking at metal boxes(sheds?) you know the small waist high tools on a tower block outside balcony type...

    It doesn’t need a ground anchor or anything but ideally I’d like to fit up to 4 frames and their wheels, separated would be better I guess for size.

    Any ideas on appropriate dimensions before I start gaffa taping boxes in my living room?

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    Any hardware specific reason Im getting bsod loop on a dell?

    I have tried a few different working HDDs from working machines with a working OS on, the dell won't boot from them. It goes into startup repair loop, returning the HDD to the correct machine and I still receive startup repair but it will complete and I can use that HDD in that machine.

    I have an SSD which has never been used and the laptop keeps giving me 'Invalid partition!' or something similar.

    What is going on?
    I've put old HDDs into different laptops and theyve powered up like normal, or at least just ran startup repair and no issues.

    Do I need a CD copy of windows and start again?

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    ...stop pissing around with all this 'gravel' 'cx' bullshit

    hear hear.

    its like when 'hybrid' bikes were a thing.
    its either just a cx bike or an mtb with drop bars and shit tyres.
    or a road bike built wrong.

    a vw bug with offroad tyres doesnt suddenly become a beach buggy does it?