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    Does anyone have a picture of a Pre Cursa with a steel fork? Having a hard time picturing it, I'd have to see it to know how much of a bad idea it would be.

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    I think the idea is that the zero float should click out earlier in the twist.

    Yes that's exactly my idea, but I have to agree with:

    And how exactly will the speedplays stop the feet from hitting the chainstay? If anything, will make the problem worse

    As for

    Well you can adjust float in each direction on the cleats. I kept clipping my ankle on my crank arms rather painfully, wound in the screw so my feet can float outwards but not in.

    It seems that with Speedplays I'd have to limit inward float to stop my heel hitting the chain stay and crank arm, and also limit outward float to be able to unclip as my weird leg doesn't allow my heel to swing out very far. So it seems that I'd effectively end up with (close to) zero float anyway.

    Pedal axle extender and blue cleats are on the way, will let you know how it works out.

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    Thanks for all the valuable input guys. It’s not overpronation as far as I know, I haven’t seen a physiologist about it but my shoe soles seem to wear pretty evenly. It’s just like there’s a twist in my fibula/tibia, from an early age I got made fun of by classmates because my right foot flared out when running. But my knee and foot work as normal and I don’t have pain during or after rides. I just have to stop that heel hitting the chain stay.

    Come to think of it, I recently built up a Pompino with a square taper bb from an old mtb because that’s what I had. I intended to replace it with a shorter spindle one but it’s actually been really comfortable (with platform pedals mind). I think I’ll try the pedal extenders in combination with blue SPD-SL cleats (worth a try? Or might as well just immediately try red cleats?) as it’s an economic way of trying to solve the issue as compared to Speedplay Zeros, which I may explore if this doesn't work.

    About the latter: I don’t have any experience with them but from what I read they just offer more (and adjustable) float. I’m not sure that’s really what I need, what do people like about them?

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    I've been struggling with this and although I'm fairly sure most other people don't experience this exact problem because their bodies aren't wonky, but I'm hoping people on here will have some helpful input.

    So basically my right lower leg is on crooked. I'm not disabled (it's not like my foot is on at a 90 degree angle), but when I stand with both knees facing forward my right foot points out to the right somewhat. It's not a hindrance in day to day life but it does mean that I have some troubles with clipless pedals.

    When pedaling along my heel has a tendency to hit the chain stay. In an attempt to counter this I adjusted my cleat to limit the inward motion of my heel. Trouble with that is that when I want to unclip, I have to swing my heel out even further than I'd normally have to, because I have to pick up all of the float first, before the unclipping mechanism engages, while the swinging out of the heel is already more difficult to do because that's exactly what my crooked foot doesn't want to do.

    So I'm looking for input. I could try a zero float cleat on the right foot, but there seem to be a lot of stories of people buggering up their knees with those. Are they universally bad? I suppose I could also try one of those pedal axle extenders to give my heel some extra clearance? Are there different systems (I've tried SPD, SPD-SL and Look) that don't require the heel swing to unclip?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Hi all,
    I'm seeing a lot of road bikes and fixed bikes with front racks on here so I figured people must have run into the issue I'm having.
    Now I want to fit a rack on my bike, it attaches to the fork crown and the wheel axle but the problem is that the axle/quick release skewer is too short. The fork ends + the added material of the rack legs are too fat; the axle of a track wheel doesn't extend far enough to securely thread the nuts on and if I use QR road wheel, the skewer is too short.
    Anyone got any input on how to solve this?