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    @WimVDD thanks so much,
    However I am looking for smth black and will edit and mention this in my post. Oversight on my part really.
    Thanks though 🙏

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    @Hjusth! Hi, that would be great! Could u send me some pics or specs? Feel free to dm.

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    Sweet! Do you have a pic by any chance?

    Based in Walworth but could pick up in the London area.

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    Hey there!

    I have decided to give my "vintage" Banchi another go after I had an accident on it years ago.
    It was kind of sat in the shed for ages and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, however now with only 2 fixed gears I really want to be able to go further /longer and without damning massive hills if they do come up.

    Unfortunately as I popped the original wheels back on I remembered why I didn't build it up again.
    The rear wheel has a massive eight 🙄😭so is mega out of true.

    I am therefore looking for a wheel, wouldn't like to spend too much since furlough is good for projects but not so good for my pockets.

    Send me a DM or comment on here if you think you could help me out with one.

    Thanks so much


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    @Biggles567 thanks for the offer, after looking at the routes today I am thinking I want to go a tad bigger.

    @Thrasher Sounds like what I am looking for, how much are you thinking? Or borrowing?
    Let me know.

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    Hey there,

    Just wanted to ask if anyone would have a spare set of Gravel Tyres, 700c from 32 to 42 lying about that they would be willing to sell or even borrow?

    Going on a weekend trip to new forrest and am in need of a pair.

    Would be super grateful if anyone could help out, as its for a borrowed bike and not for my own, which is why I dont want to invest in brand new ones.

    Am located in Central London and can come pick up in London area.


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    hey All,

    Selling my TAX ANTARES rollers due to moving house and not having the need for them anymore.
    On top of that I have an injured heel so wont be going on them any time soon #sadtimes.

    They are used but in perfect condition, a few scratches here and there.
    As they are at my old flat with my Flatmate I can only provide an internet screenshot, but you can come check them out if you wish.

    Looking for pound 100,-

    They are based in East Dulwich/ Peckham, happy for you to pick them up there.

    Have a good one,