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Rule 77.

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    @hippy was it porkers i met you, or brimstone?

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    Life's hard mate, I'm struggling.

    Getting by though, keeping up the good fight - I will win this race 👌

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    An elite club.

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    As above - I'm stuck with vertical dropouts on an ally frame, and am a complete mong with technical data.

    Can velosolo and white industries quench my thirst for fixed?

    I just need to know the chain line for a eno eccentric hub with velosolo bolt on.

    Throw me a line.

    Much love,

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    That's the spirit.
    3AAA is an honest days riding.

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    And we'll be in summer setups and loads of light,so we should smash it.
    I reckon I've definitely got a 200in me now, so a few months of steady build up should be fine.
    I'll keep you posted.
    I'll be lurking about here now anyway.

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    Well we did have a route sorted. 🤷🏼♂️
    I plan on jumping straight in at the deepend and attempting Oasts and Coasts on 25th April.
    If I finish that, I should be good for an arrow..
    Bear in mind, I rode less than 300km last year though, but if I do get gears, it'll be easy right?

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    I'm torn.
    I've found a good entry level bike with clearance for 37c with mudguards, but it's got flat bars.
    I suppose I could go through the rigamarole of converting to drops, but I do have an infatuation with grinding up 15% at 30rpm 😂

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    Remember me?
    I'm the prat who got 100AAA points on a fixie wearing SPD sandals in 2018 before my whole world crashed before my feet and the wheels literally fell off.
    So after the most tumultuous of years, things have finally settled and my head's in a place where I wanna get back in the saddle.
    I'm still dosed up on the happy pills, but I've made a lot of progress over the last few months. A side affect of some weight gain and the pills means I have high blood pressure now, so what better excuse to ride?
    Was umming and arring about getting a geared bike to ease back in after my hiatus, but I've decided to stay fixed.
    Payday Friday, so am treating myself to a set of spa cycles fixed wheels.
    Watch this space guys.
    I'm not quite ready for Wessex, and I'm Kent based now so my route base has changed somewhat. Luckily, the Shark and AWE are easy to get to should my desire to ride up silly inclines in a stupid gear returns fully. Until then I can see myself jumping on the Gravesend ferry and exploring Essex. My new girlfriend is in Essex so that sort of makes sense.
    I'm not quite back yet, but if all goes well I should be on some of the flatter rides later in the season.