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    Fatty Mcfatfat, today I was declared too fat for Flite and was almost pitchforked by my own saddle.

    Went over minor pothole at quite a speed, massive crack sound, thought it was frame or wheel at first, then front alu rails snapped off completely and just fell into the road, and the saddle slid back off the rear prongs and into the road, amid shrieks from me of 'what the fucking fuck!'.

    5 mile cycle ride home standing up, hella tiring not being able to sit down at all, but no better way to lose some Xmas ballast than the threat of being skewered if you sit down. I do love my bike but it telling me in January that I need to go on a diet still leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

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    David Lee Roth?

    Lovely frame, looing forward to seeing this built up.

    I've got a similar harlequin coloured Simoncini and just seeing the colour explosion puts a smile on my face before I've even ridden it. I hope you're going full bore with the appropriate kit, sunglasses and silly hat.

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    Not fixed gear, I've got downtube shifters on my 753 Merckx, the Team Panasonic has 10 speed Campag Chorus.

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    Thanks and yes indeed, if a man is tired of cycling around London, he is tired of life....Samuel Johnson would have said, if he'd had a bike :)

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    Thanks, if I can only have one ride companion I'm happy its Eddy.

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    Spinergy wheels of death and mudguards, pretty sure that's never been done before :)

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    Nothing epic, but the last ride of the year today. 2020....

    ....the fuck?
    2020 was my second highest mileage year but I've not been anywhere. I haven't got a turbo trainer, but for the first time ever I've not left London all year. I've ridden nearly all year on my own, and have ridden around the capital like I was cycling in the wilderness, because at times London has been one. New Years Eve on Blackfriars Bridge.

    This afternoon at the normally perma-touristy London Eye. The big wheel has stopped turning.

    Extra tubes, being sure to carry food and water at all times, and this year carrying a mask in case you had to go into a shop for whatever reason. Its been an epic multi-day urban audax with every ride starting and finishing at my house. And due to lockdown and not having to see people, I've even had appropriate accompanying beard growth for some of it.

    Thankfully cycling has been permitted throughout, and it has definitely helped keep me sane this year. 'together forever on wheels' by Gillie and Marc.

    Definitely a year none of us will forget.

    Total mileage for the year was 9064 miles, making the last 5 years mileage 42,001 miles. Obviously the target next year is to exceed 8000 miles to reach the twice round the world, 50,000 mile mark in 6 years. I might have to make myself a badge.

    Much as I've enjoyed the never to be repeated deserted London scenes, I'm really looking forward to cycling in the countryside somewhere, anywhere, with some actual people in 2021.

    I live by the river and normally hear the New Year fireworks, but not this year as they've obviously been cancelled. Thoughts go to all those that didn't make it to year end, an eerily quiet year will go out with a whimper and not a bang, so best to break out the bong, crank up the music and have an indoor rave for one. Now where's my glow sticks? Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year car appreciators. Last ride of the year today, toes frozen solid by the end, but did see a nice old Bentley to finish the year in style. Roll on 2021 and may none of your miles be on the back of a recovery truck.

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    Imagine the joy on their faces as they rushed to open their presents only to discover it was a log.

    Dad was like....