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    Yeah this (item not as described) is still not covered well by the GSP.
    I buy vinyl from all over the world, a lot comes from ebay. A while ago I got one from the states which was described as mint. I tend to be a bit lenient but this thing was pretty fuxked! Nowhere close to mint.
    The seller got uppity from the get go saying I was trying to scam a free record.
    Anyway, ebay gave her 7 days to provide me with a return shipping label. She couldn’t do this as ebay isn’t set up for such for international sales. As such, 7 days passed and I got a full refund.
    Which to be fair, I deserved but I could just as well have been lying my ass off and still been compensated!
    I sell on ebay all the time but won’t ship anything internationally any more.

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    Sorted now.

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    I'll take this opportunity to recommend Justin Burls.
    His web site is having a 'refurb' at the moment but his Facebook page has a ton of pics of existing builds.
    Back in May I took the decision to get a custom Ti frame and after weighing up all the options I went with burls and the experience was simply brilliant.
    I almost went for a No22 Little Wing but the geo was a little out, I wanted a couple of features that are rarely offered on 'track' frames and I really wanted to try and buy within the UK.
    Next I spoke to Enigma who weren't entirely unhelpful but a little arrogant. The two reasons I didn't go with them were A: After several conversations it became clear that they have close to zero experience of track or fixed gear bikes and B: They were more interested in selling me what they wanted to sell me than what I actually wanted.
    Then came Burls. Quite honestly the best customer service I've ever experienced. Justin's a great chap and will listen and advise when asked and basically do absolutely everything to achieve your goal. His titanium frames are made in Russia by a very small team of builders with whom he has a close relationship. As such, any small details are attended to quickly and easily without the risk of things getting lost in the ether.
    The quality of the frame I now have is absolutely stunning and I couldn't be happier. The best thing is that it's designed by me, it fits me perfectly (unlike anything off the peg) and the price was pretty damn good too!

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    Did you ever find this?

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    I've been running 60mms for years, i find them fine in crosswinds. They are actually really stable in most conditions, it feels like the wheel is trying to centre. IMO,It would only be a problem in a really fierce crosswind if you decided to take your hands off the handlebars

    In my experience 60mm modern profiles are faster in all conditions. Don't see any point in getting shallower. I don't hill climb any more but if I did I would probably still use carbons as they're still lighter than a h-plus / DA combo.

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    Must be 49t 144bcd 1/8”
    Colour, condition and brand is negotiable. What ya got?

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    ref. the 'frugal' comment; I wish this were always the case; I wouldn't have spunked thousands of pounds on all the pretty shiny bike things I don't really need.
    However, I do think correct pricing is crucial to the survival of physical shops. There will always be those that just want the absolute cheapest and will seek it out unquestionably. At the other end of the scale there are those who will just pay the asking price for what they want; unquestionably.
    But I think most folk sit somewhere in the middle. If I could go to a physical shop where I can see and hold an item and potentially take it home there and then, I (and probably most people I know) will happily pay a little more than internet prices for the privilege knowing that in doing so I'm also supporting a LBS.
    However, if I find as I did in one fairly new indie bike shop in Bristol, the owner has basically bought their entire stock from Wiggle and doubled the price, they can do one.

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    Ok, no worries.