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    I've ridden a few different frames on the track and my honest opinion is that you or most people would be hard pushed to tell much between them (assuming similar set-up and components)
    Tyres pumped up to 120 psi and very little 'steering' to speak of....
    It's totally different from how different bikes feel on the road.
    I ride an old Giant Omnium on the track because it's geometry really suits me. It's mega stiff and responsive. To me though, a Cinelli Vig and Dolan Pre-Cursa (all aluminium) really didn't feel any different, but the giant's lighter so 'must' be faster ;-)
    The hire bikes may have an odd handlebar shape / width or an unfamiliar saddle and tiny gearing so they tend to feel a bit slow compared to anything tailored.
    On the road it's a whole different kettle of fish. I commute on an identical Omnium also and it's way too stiff and quite uncomfortable...

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    This is just painful:

    "who ever told u that (how to measure a stem) is a complete jack arse amd don’t no what there talking about I’ve been doing this for over 20 years please listen to me I’m not gunna lie to you why I’m earth would it be from the stem point when the stem length is determine how far your reach is gunna be with the frame
    Amd your position. Of the bike it’s self worth what the person is comfortable with so u measure the entire stem to work out the difference between you the stem seat post amd your positioning on the bike so would never measure it from the stem because that’s not we’re it begins simple"

    To think that this person is actually out there, alive and operating in society...I've often wondered, how do people like this actually operate? as in with responsibilities and day to day life? I have to assume their inability to write coherently is not an accurate representation of their general intelligence...fingers crossed anyway...
    But yeah, probably best not to engage with them further! Just do whatever you need to get your money back.

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    It looks like your saddle is very forward and possibly tilted front down a bit. Both these things will contribute to forcing your weight to the front of the bike; combined with a long reach.
    I would suspect your weight is not suitably centred around the BB which should be set before messing with the front end.
    Once you shorten the stem, pull the saddle back by the same amount and level it. I suspect you will experience a significant reduction in road buzz. 25c tyres will be more comfortable than 23c and you can run them at lower pressure.

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    Assuming the bearings are good (rotate smoothly when off the bike) you probably just need one or two of these under the top cover:-


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    An ebay first for me today. Tried to make an offer on an item and got a message that said ‘items from this seller are not currently available for purchase. Try searching for similar items from a different seller’.
    Anyone come across this before? Does it mean the seller is on a suspension or maybe their account has been frozen pending a dispute…

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    Yup. A guy I do regular club rides with is 72 and has a modern Cannondale like that; he had it 'slammed' a couple of weeks ago. He's damned fast too!

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    This was exactly my experience with a Campag Centaur BB (in a brand new bare metal frame). I removed and refitted a couple of times but couldn't see any reason for it binding other than poor tolerances. The manual even says something about backing off the torque and using loctite if it binds which I felt was a poor solution.
    Even at the reduced setting it was still too tight IMO.
    Sent it back to the supplier in the end who claimed there was nothing wrong with it.
    I then read about a couple of other people who had exactly the same issue!
    Switched to a Sugino and it was perfect.
    Can you return the BB you have? at least to see if another of the same model behaves the same...

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    I've been riding fixed exclusively on the road now for about 6 years. I ride weekly with a club and regularly ride audaxes on fixed with some club members.
    If I want a tough ride I'll go with the fast or intermediate group where they'll be pushing a bit but I'll be pretty much balls out the whole ride.
    If I want a steady zone 2 with a few challenging climbs (which is most times now as I do the tough stuff on the track) I ride with the 'social' group. I'm aware I'm working a bit harder than they are but still maintaining my fitness and can chat and look at the scenery!
    There are a few riders who like to just randomly stop pedalling once in a while on a group ride which is frustrating for me following on fixed but generally we all work pretty well together.
    I'm almost 50 and will stick with fixed as long as my body will let me.
    I think if I couldn't keep up with anyone or generally felt like an outcast on fixed I would probably do gears as well just to keep up the social side but as long as I can hold my own, I much prefer fixed. Not much point to make really just sharing my thoughts...