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    It won’t have the same paint job but I’m pretty sure this is the same fork:
    It’s mine so let me know if interested. Cheers

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    Not entirely 'nobbish' but it looks like things are changing a little at Wiggle and CRC with regard to returns.
    Historically, if I wanted clothing I'd buy multiple sizes and return what didn't fit.
    Similarly sometimes I'd buy something, keep it in it's box for a few months and decide I didn't want it and return it.
    I've always used the free Royal Mail service to do this (directly from the RM site).
    Now looks like they've partnered with some new company so you ONLY get free returns by using Asda. If you select any other option (including RM) you have to pay.
    It stands to reason that they shouldn't have to pay for your returns (unless faulty) but we've had it good for a few years and now it looks like things are going to be a little trickier. Especially for folk who don't live near an asda.....
    The free return option is still available on the RM website but I imagine it'll be removed at some point.

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    I wouldn't expect to pay less than about £50.
    You have to ask yourself; if you were a powder coater; could you be bothered for less?
    If you were having multiple parts or something bigger done then I would expect the individual component price to be less....

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    I used to have a mate who started saying 'can I get' intentionally because he thought it sounded 'cooler'. Like you know, how they say it in the American films!
    We're not friends anymore.

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    Such is a daily life of a leisure cyclist in Somerset.

    Yup; I live in Bristol and commute by bike 3 or 4 days a week. I report drivers / upload video footage pretty much every single commute. Never achieved more than having a letter sent but it sure makes me feel better.

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    Yeah this (item not as described) is still not covered well by the GSP.
    I buy vinyl from all over the world, a lot comes from ebay. A while ago I got one from the states which was described as mint. I tend to be a bit lenient but this thing was pretty fuxked! Nowhere close to mint.
    The seller got uppity from the get go saying I was trying to scam a free record.
    Anyway, ebay gave her 7 days to provide me with a return shipping label. She couldn’t do this as ebay isn’t set up for such for international sales. As such, 7 days passed and I got a full refund.
    Which to be fair, I deserved but I could just as well have been lying my ass off and still been compensated!
    I sell on ebay all the time but won’t ship anything internationally any more.

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    Sorted now.

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    I'll take this opportunity to recommend Justin Burls.
    His web site is having a 'refurb' at the moment but his Facebook page has a ton of pics of existing builds.
    Back in May I took the decision to get a custom Ti frame and after weighing up all the options I went with burls and the experience was simply brilliant.
    I almost went for a No22 Little Wing but the geo was a little out, I wanted a couple of features that are rarely offered on 'track' frames and I really wanted to try and buy within the UK.
    Next I spoke to Enigma who weren't entirely unhelpful but a little arrogant. The two reasons I didn't go with them were A: After several conversations it became clear that they have close to zero experience of track or fixed gear bikes and B: They were more interested in selling me what they wanted to sell me than what I actually wanted.
    Then came Burls. Quite honestly the best customer service I've ever experienced. Justin's a great chap and will listen and advise when asked and basically do absolutely everything to achieve your goal. His titanium frames are made in Russia by a very small team of builders with whom he has a close relationship. As such, any small details are attended to quickly and easily without the risk of things getting lost in the ether.
    The quality of the frame I now have is absolutely stunning and I couldn't be happier. The best thing is that it's designed by me, it fits me perfectly (unlike anything off the peg) and the price was pretty damn good too!