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    depends if you snore.

    @Netakure doesn't snore so he should be fine :)

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    Signed up for 2020...already regretting it.

    Managed to book a bunkhouse 30 mins drive from event start for the Friday and Saturday. It's £20 per night beside a pub / chinese takeaway. Basic but probably beats freezing in a tent (I'm a bit soft).

    If anyone needs a place drop me a message.


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    How was it? From the instagram updates I was getting it looked just about as miserable as last year and was very glad to have skipped it this time.

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    Yeah it's good fun up to the turbines, as before don't blame me for the return leg it was haphazardly plotted. Keen to ride it though if you want to check it out sometime? You should come to Sandbar on Wed for the weekly ride, sometimes it will involve gravel for which noone has the correct bike for.


    It's a variation of the GB divide route. You could keep going and see where you end up. I did it up to Malham slightly deviating from the route to get onto the road. Was amazing for the most part until the cows refused to move from the path. Bovine cunts.

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    I've done that one - good little loop.


    I've done most of this one up to the wind turbines on Scout Moor - never done the return though so might be some exciting downhills to be had - or it's very boring.

    If you find any more please post up routes :)

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    edit - oops meant to send as pm,

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    Read the whole thread. Changed mind about 100 times about whether I needed a gravel bike or not and what flavour. Ended up with an Arkose. Did not disappoint.

    @Netakure hooked me up with a sweet discount that was too good to pass up on.

    Enjoying the wide tyres and sparkly paint. Looking forward to continuing to spend money I don't have upgrading the stock finishing kit. Those pedals being the first thing to go...It never ends.

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    also interested in any of these routes, been trawling rwgps and strava.

    Was planning to attempt this next weekend if anyone is interested in joining. Train back from Hebden for me with several cans.


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    ffs I test posted them and they work on preview pane. Just gonna attach and hope that works :(

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    Bought a tent and wanted to test it out as well as find out how viable single speed touring is. I've got grand ideas of doing bits of the North Coast 500 single speed and camping all the way over a week. Gearing 42 * 18.

    Decided a mini jaunt out to Bakewell from MCR city was a good idea as with my gf so didn't want to venture too far and it has the incentive of baked goods.

    Morning: Did usual Chorlton Velo club ride, tried to be sensible and saved my legs for the afternoon. GF prepped by going for a boozy breakfast.

    Afternoon: Hastily packed everything into basket / frame bags / seatpacks. Tent, bag, mat all goes in the restrap bag in the basket which was nice and compact! GF turns up just as I've got everything ready and a bit steaming.

    Much swearing as I realise the route I planned on Komoot wont send to my wahoo. Had to hastily recreate on rwgps.

    MCR > Stockport. First fail of the day.

    Comedy steep cobbled climb which we pushed up in the sweltering heat.

    Stock up on supplies at Disley before getting on the canal. Road cans & wine. Bike is now rather weighty. Bib shorts drying on the front from this morning, excuse the skid marks.

    Off the canal at Buxworth onto Wash where the comedy routing starts up to Slackhall. Steep as and I have to push for a bit as serious ramps. GF manages it with all and still smiling!

    Down to Tideswell where another climb kicks in just as the brass band in the village green starts playing the Loco-Motion. Almost crying with laughter at this and this song will definitely stay with me whenever I do anymore climbing ss.

    Pitch tent near Wardlow. Get chased by cows, go get food, drink wine and sleep. Tent is great new hubba hubba shield. Curious friendly dog pokes his head through inner which I left unzipped in the middle of the night, scared the crap out of me.

    Down to Bakewell via Monsal. I take the wrong turn and we end up down the bottom of the valley. I realise this immediately as I get to the bottom. Pretended I knew what I was doing and that it was a nice spot for taking pictures so we lingered for a while before I made her climb back up Monsal head. Managed it without getting off which I'm pleased with.

    Top off Monsal Head.

    Bottom off Monsal valley.

    Down to Bakewell for traditional Bakewell Austrian sausage breakfast.

    Get on the Monsal trail - 8 miles no cars, through the mountains via disused railway tunnels so awesome with great views along the way. Back into civilisation jump on the A6 to Buxton. Up to rt 68, another routing fail and had to push a little bit as it's washed away. Managed to descend it though - think I need new pads.


    Back on canal all the way to Stockport and home for much pizza.

    Would do again, as would she which was nice as I can now plan jaunts further afield multi day trips!

    Out. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/36296173

    Back. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/36340202