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    They were I'm afraid.

    Might have another pair on the horizon, will update you if so.

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    PM'd you both.

    Bike parts could work too, although I can't claim to be an expert!

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    Good afternoon one and all -

    I thought this might be a good time to approach the forum while many of you are homebound to see if anyone's got "any old junk" lying around they might want rid of in exchange for a little cash injection.

    I feed myself by buying and selling things, mainly audio gear and electronics (but ultimately anything sellable). I deal with individuals who contact me from my online ads, gentlemen in the house clearance and waste trade as well as regularly attending car boot sales and flea markets.

    Of course, this has all slowed down to a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic. I'm a little worried about running out of stock to sell.

    My business works to the same effect as your average record shop or electronics exchange - I can pay a percentage of the market value for your goods, as seen, normally to the tune of about 30%, more for valuable items.

    This is of course 'cut throat' to some level but appeals to many of my suppliers who don't want to go down the eBay route or are quite simply happy to clear some space for some extra cash.

    Perhaps some of you may have some odds and ends knocking about in the loft you'd be happy to sell for a reduced rate to your local "Del Boy"?

    I buy -

    Cd players
    Cassette decks
    Reel to reels
    Vinyl records and rare CDs
    Random electricals, consoles
    Sporting equipment
    Rare photography books
    Household appliances from hoovers to blenders
    Designer clothing
    Photography equipment
    Anything with some desirability on the market
    Faulty and broken stuff is FINE


    I am taking the Coronavirus scenario seriously and can deal with proceedings in the following fashion to prevent spread:

    • You can leave your wares on your doorstep to adhere to social distancing.
    • I can pay via electronic means, PayPal or bank transfer.
    • All goods will receive a deep clean promptly and will not come into contact with others until decontaminated.
    • I travel by cargo bike.

    Do get in touch if you think you can see any plausible business between us!

    And thanks for reading.

    Kind regards,

    -Scott (Vauxhall)

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    The best tyres ever in the history of planet Earth.

    If Coronavirus destroys everything, these will still never puncture.

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    Mmmm... Cylindrical speakers!

    You are viewing a pair of JR 149 speakers in full working order.

    Personally I think they sound far more exciting than the LS3/5As which share the same tweeters and drivers.

    They might benefit from a little bit of touching up but it would be highly satisfying work. They look cool as is anyway.

    They are supplied with good long lengths of speaker cable.

    I'd like £220 for these. Will be demonstrated upon collection in Vauxhall / Kennington.