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    Can anyone recommend a good looking top tube protector for my Langster frame? I have some scratches on it already because of people touching the bike when it's locked on railings or on lamp posts.

    The top tube is not really rounded, this might be a problem.

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    You are right.

    I will soon switch to fixed (bought two fixed cogs already) once I get used to the bike and learn how to brake with my legs aswell.

    That being said, I never had a brake fail on me and I predominantly used the front one.

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    1. I only used the front brake on my previous bike (for.. 1.5 years) and it was enough.

    2. These kind of articles make me think it's not that important. They talk about the braking surface being a marketing gimick.

    3. I only do 3-4 miles a day to work an back and ride nicely without going bonkers and am always super aware of my surroundings. There is really no need for another brake, providing this doesn't fail.

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    Tyre is done, just inflated it properly (120psi) and it's now sitting properly. Bit silly to think a small hand pump would be enough, that is a joke, would have never gotten 120psi in the tube.

    All that's left is to find out whether I need a lock ring with the Sturmey Archer freewheel (don't think so) and do the handlebars tape.

    And find a nice area/sunny days to take some photos :).

    And oil the chain.. and remove the freewheel to grease it, and.. ffs, quite a few small jobs left :). Mark the bike, insurance, hmm, what else.

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    I would call Cycle Store (01260 275554) or Sigma Sport (020 8614 9777). Sigma currently has a 54cm version in stock.

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    I've used all the lube so all I had left was the liquid soap :).

    Don't know what to do anymore, have taken the inner tube out and put it back several times, but whatever I do, I can't get it right (see top of the attached photo).

    To be fair, I've used a hand pump so far so first thing in the morning will go to my local bike shop and pump the hell out of it maybe it falls into place.

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    Thanks to the guys that took the time to advise me to get another fork.

    I did consider it but a new fork would have been around £100, not exactly a matching colour/design, and I already spent too much on this bike.

    Plus, I personally don't think is that big of a deal. I definitely understand why are they not meant for street/brakes but others have done it and whilst I've seen a few people advising against drilling a fork, I yet have to see someone that'll say 'my fork broke whilst riding my bike'.

    That being said, as @finger_jockey mentioned, this wasn't really a proper carbon fork as the crown and the dropouts are aluminium, just the legs are carbon.

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    As others stated already, it's the same exact fork with the Langster's one.