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    Looking for an xl (58-62cm) beater track frame or frameset. After a couple welds my leader is dying and turning into a creaky mess, and I really don’t want my hansom to be my winter bike..
    Preferably a cheap 725 frame or something like that (I know they’re shit, but they’re pretty fun) and I can switch all the components straight over, but will also consider a cheap steel frame and just use some other parts I’ve got lying around. Don’t have a bunch of money right now so looking for something sub £100. Oh, and I’m in Glasgow and willing to pay shipping.

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    @phasergunalex who ended up buying the Hansom? Love mine and want to put first dibs on this one if it ever resells, cheers and GLWS!

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    Been watching this, it was £1000 or best offer, then £900 for a week and didn't sell, and then he put it back up for £1200 after that...? Got in touch about f&f only but didn't hear back from the guy at all

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    and the last of them, cheers

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    More pics

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    Just clearing out some of the random shite from my parts bin that is just getting in the way at this point.. Can't be bothered posting so just putting them on the Glasgow page. Haha, I cannot manage to get the photos in the same order as the list no matter how hard I try.. I'm in Woodlands, work in drumchapel, but can meet anyone at a reasonable distance, cheers.

    1. Sugino RD2 white crankset from Condor's 60th birthday, with 48t chainring in good nick - paid 30 second hand and never fitted it so say 25?

    2. Stronglight 48t silver chainring - barely used - 20

    3. Sugino RD2 chainrings - 42t has been used quite a bit so 10 - 44t better condition so say 15?

    4. Shimano 105 front brakes, have two of these, barely used - 50quid each if I remember right so say 20 each? Can include a specialized crosstop lever.

    5. Alpina wing 27.2 carbon seatpost, couple cosmetic scratches and a couple bits of stickers missing (shown) say 20 quid

    6.Fizik Ardea saddle with red/pink in cut out - barely used 20quid

    1. Comlumbus tusk carbon fork - short alu steerer (17cm) so will have to be a small frame or short headtube, say 25 quid?

    2. Northwave cycling shoes - never used, cannot find the size on them for the life of me, but they're about a uk 9 - still with label saying 120 - 50 quid?

    Beater saddle - used to be red, now kind of pinkish - free

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    Cheers for thinking of me bud, but a little skint just now, and they’re £150 new on the condor site just now... @Christono willing to go any cheaper?

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    Sorry, a wee sick cat forces an undibs undortunately..
    Cheers again for understanding bud, GLWS