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    Thanks for all the relevant comments and input

    Item is now sold 🙂

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    More than welcome to be 🙂 I wás under the impression that the back log still was still happening and only priced as to what I saw on eBay maybe not what they are actually selling for.....

    As always offers are welcome

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    Bump + price drop £440

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    Very cool bits of kit but unfortunately I don't have enough time to use it to its full potential 😪

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    Hi it is the 256gb SSD version with a 256gb mico SD included.

    My steam deck is still covered by the valve warranty Also as it's only 4 months old

    I just priced it based on what they are up for on eBay. Not sure if valve still have a back log for ordering ect.

    Offers are welcome 🙂

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    For sale is my Steam Deck 256GB in excellent condition, used but as new condition boxed.

    Asking for £450 + postage.
    Postage will be tracked and insured due to the price of the item

    Very cool hand held gaming pc which can be used in desk top mode too.

    Touch screen and many other cool features.
    If you know what you are looking at I'm sure you are aware of its capabilities.
    If not feel free to do some internet research and comeback to me if it's something you're interested in

    Might have some dust on the surface in the
    pictures but I can assure you that it will arrive to you dust free.

    Comes with
    256gb mico SD card
    Clear protective hard case
    Glass screen protector installed with no bubbles and 2 spare.
    Original carry case + charger

    Reason for sale is lack of time to use and needed to fund a new project.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.

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    In the market for a commuter bike.
    New job means the fixed gear isn't suitable for commuting on sadly.
    54cm square please.
    Preferably a road bike.
    Straight forks preferred (just think they look better)
    Aluminium frame if possible
    Budget of £300ish
    Based in Leicester

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