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    Or work in front the ends
    1, 31, 2, 30, 3, 29,.....

    Or save the small days <5 incase you have a shit day mid month or can't commit the time.
    6, 31, 7, 30, 8, 29,...

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    Why didn't they just say it's a 32km run.

    Unless it's an international recognised race distance like a mile, or certified course 10 mile road race, its a bit stupid using miles for a trail run when it's a unit that's not normally used.

    I bet there's a few DNS from people who don't fancy an extra 12km.

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    Is 20 miles just a typo?

    You really need a good spread of light if your running at any speed. With a tight bright beam. you can't see what's coming until your on it. Or you need to keep looking down to track the obstacles... Its a recipe for feeling sick.

    I have a Silva trail speed headlamp. However latterly I prefered using a hand lamp. One of the cheap Cree 18650 torches, which I took the lens and reflector out of, so it has a very wide beam and no hot spot. With the lamp being away from your eyes, you get better shadows of dips, rocks and roots. If it's raining, foggy or cold enough you can see your breath, you don't get dazzled.
    You don't blind people when you look at them, but you do need a free hand

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    Thanks Hats

    The picture of John before the start is quite emotive.

    Blacksboat Station on the Speyside Way.

    Grantown Square. About half way and still smiling.

    Dava way.next to the Jesus Saves stone on the A940

    2am finish.

    It's a cracking route, except for Ballindalloch to Cromdale which is just a whole world of nuts.

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    Well, John finished the 100 mile Moray Way around 2am this morning, as he and his late friend had planned ūüė≠
    Raising over £10,200 for the Samaritans so far

    Steven accompanied him on the bike for the whole route and helped look after him and the other runners that joined for a leg or two

    If your in a dark place, struggling with mental health, please please talk to someone.

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    Found out the sad news last night, that a member of my former club has died.

    http://www.northern-scot.co.uk. moray-road-runners-plan-tribute-to-ultra­-distance-athlete-and-former-RAF-lossiem­outh-serviceman-Jon-Ward

    Some of you ultra runners, may remember Jon. Or seen him run London and Edinburgh marathons with the Benevolent Fund Benelelephant costume.

    Off to support John Anderson, whilst he runs the 100 mile Moray Way which they had both planned for today.

    Today's run was raising funds for the Samaritans. Unfortunately Corona lockdown and the depression from it, claimed another person far too soon.

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    As far as I can tell it's an expansion issue, rather than anything slipping/the door hinges dropping, and it's only a case of millimetres. Is there anything a diy-er could do to fix this?

    It is a case of adjusting the hinges to give a bit of clearance.

    My starting point is using a soft pencil and marking the four corners of the door, where it closes against the frame. Then adjust the hinges to get even overlap left/right and also allow a gap for expansion. Then vertical adjust top/bottom of hinge side. Level across the top is then set by heel and toeing glass.

    If it's not obvious what needs turning, get a picture of the hinge (face and consealled edge) and I'll point out what to a adjust.

    Edit: now that I've posted the pictures, is it as simple as just loosening the screws in pic three and sliding the plate back slightly?

    No, they adjust how tightly the door latches closed, by moving the keep closer to the seal or away from it.

    Edit. Edit
    Please give that locking mechanism a brush off and spray with some 3in1 oil.

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    We have the one you linked to in the main bathroom. Works well and the air pressure drop pulls the door open slightly if it's not latched shut.

    It's noticeably quieter than this, which is in the downstairs loo still fairly powerful on full speed and half the price.

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    but if it is just ignorant insensitivity it doesn't hurt to point it out in case it makes someone less ignorant and insensitive.

    I thought the joke was funny, but I don't do religion. However I understand why some people believe in something and was completely unaware of the whole prophet depiction thing, whether it's Muhammad or another religious prophet.

    So Nostradamus figures ūüėĄ

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    In the last couple of days, it sounds like the meter is always spinning and the downstairs toilet(yes get me) there's a trickling noise to a pipe

    Put a line of loo paper around the inside of the pan. If there's a trickle of water from the cistern, past the syphon then the paper will show it up.

    If there's a cistern overflow pipe that goes outside , is the water level below the top.

    Do you have a pressurised hot water cylinder?... which will have over pressure and over temp valves.
    They can leak (or flow water as designed) you'd see it going through the tundish if applicable.