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    Have you checked if your WiFi is sharing the same channel as neighbouring devices.

    Download a WiFi analyser app and pick an unused channel if possible. You can also check the signal strength from your router around your home and maybe move it for better performance.

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    I have a Paddy Wagon fork if the new owner of the frame wants it

    The steerer is only 220mm, so will be too short for this

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    Just found that link. Turns out there's more lines than I thought.

    @Ecobeard did you know of Peterhead prison railway

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    I don't know if the Craigalachie (RAILWAY) Hotel had an official Halt
    There's a station platform 400m round the corner, at what used to be Craigellachie Junction. Where the Lossiemouth to Craigellachie Moray shire railway joined.

    The Dava Way really needs a Gravel/Adventure bike with decent volume tyres and some tread as a minimum to enjoy it, or MTB.
    A 29er works well, for Forres, Grantown. Coffee stop, Forres. https://strava.app.link/mBAM2f5kuX

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    There were loads of little branch lines up there at one point

    Much of the coastal line of Elgin to Portsoy has been absorbed into the growing towns and villages, or reverted back to farm land.
    From Elgin, following NC route 1, you can see some of the old railway bridges but there's not much to actually follow until you get out to Garmouth and the section over the Spey Viaduct. Then you've got several breaks and rejoins through Buckie to Cullen and Portsoy as NC1 and the coastal trail don't fully use all the accessible parts. (Either going closer to the coast or easier quiet roads)
    I haven't been beyond Portsoy as the ice cream shop was the objective ūüėĀ

    There's also a short branch line from Elgin to Lossiemouth, which can be followed past Spynie Castle.

    The Speyside Way sections from Nethy Bridge to Grantown and Craganmore down to Craigellachie and the spur up to Dufftown is on the old railway lines.

    The Dava Way follows the old old Forres to Grantown line, with only a couple of small diversions avoiding some boggy sections and the old Dava station which is now a house.

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    An Slugan and bit of single track on the East Side of river Feshie.

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    If anyone is doing the posted route (red track) and considering an alternative taking the track to the north of the Cairngorm Gliding Club airfield. Don't.

    The area around the blue Square has been densely planted with trees and was impassable beyond the stream. Further up stream, the path has returned back to nature, so I assume its impassable from the square.

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    Dumbbell flys.
    Upper body in incline vs horizontal?
    Please discuss.

    If both were bench supported, incline may be a bit less likely to fuck your shoulder.

    Bench dumbell fly puts the highest moment on the shoulder when the pecs are at their maximum extension but have the least leverage on the humerus. Meanwhile at the top, the pecs have plenty of leverage but are hardly troubled... So you go heavier and over extend at the bottom >>

    Cable or band crossovers. Have greater range of motion, as you can cross your centre line. Less moment on the shoulder when it's at its weakest. Maximum moment across your center line.

    Leant Fwd dip

    Floor support fly. Will stop over you going too far and causing shoulder injury, but it doesn't improve the mechanics

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    Scottish Greens for me.

    SNP are pro EU and I'm guessing they will get all the Scottish seats. However the Honey Monsters quest for independence meant I'd rather not vote if they were the only remain choice.

    I imagine independence would be a cluster fuck like brexit if it comes to that

    At 8pm, there didn't seem to be many names crossed off the voting list up here.