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    I cycled into a curb 8 months ago, went down. Tried a few times to get up. Nope.

    My surgeon went for two screws, as well as a cable to keep things in place while the bone recovered, rather than a full hip replacement. There was a risk they'd need to be replaced if I felt any discomfort in the cold (This has all happened while living in Stockholm, where it's currently -10), but fortunately things seem to be ok.

    I felt pretty down for the first 2-3 months so my advice would be as kind to yourself mentally as you can possibly be. Please get in touch if you'd like any advice or support - I'd love to be of help if I can. It's tough when the main thing you do to feel ok is suddenly taken away from you.

    Don't rush things physically either, but like @Brave says, do everything the physio asks. Luckily in Sweden the after care is incredible and I had my last physio just 3 days ago having gone twice a week for the last 6 months. Hope you can sort something similar.

    Hang in there pal!

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    I just had to pay €10 customs for a jumper my mum knitted and sent to me here in Sweden. The joys. She could've probably labelled it better, but just so you know, you'll likely get screwed. And that's if postnord manage not to lose it of course.

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    I just picked up a second hand Minolta af-c and was after a bit of advice.
    I’ve replaced the batteries and the focus lights now work, but even when loaded with film and in reasonable light conditions, the shutter won’t fire and I also can’t wind the film on. Is it most likely done for? Up for attempting to fix it, but assuming taking it to a repair shop will end up costing more than it’s worth. Seems a lovely camera otherwise though!
    Many thanks

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    Mega dredge right here.

    I’m moving to Stockholm in August for a masters in sustainable urban planning and design (aka let’s build more bike lanes) and finding it difficult to sort out accommodation.

    Any peeps here have any advice or connections over there?

    Much appreciated. Will

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    Wald basket with netting and mounts. No screws for handlebar mounts, but not hard to find.

    Land Cruiser Plus on/off road tyres. Perfect for every eventuality. Or not ideal for any, depending on how you look at it. Loads of life left.
    £6 for the pair.

    Collection in Dalston.

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    Currently using warmshowers loads as I bike from one side of Canada to the other. Not sure i'd be as far as I am without it. Admittedly, making conversation after a long day of riding can be a bit much, but for the most part, it provides some much needed company, good local knowledge of roads, a decent meal, and more often than not, a beer. Would highly recommend.
    In Canada anyway.

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    I've had this frame for about 12 years, but bought it already built fixed. Finally stripped it in preparation for either selling or rebuilding with gears. It's way too big for me, but it's also the love of my life. Think it's a super record ('89ish?), but if anyone knows otherwise, would appreciate a little help identifying.