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    Melgrave is a great Bothy, it’s a two up two down so loads of space. I would be surpised if it was full. There’s another small Bothy on the north side near the top that’s also decent if things are getting grim, no fire though.

    Your options for the second night will probably be camping or BnB. Had a quick google, Glenn Sassunn rings a bell but I can’t find any details on it, it’s pretty off route so I would give it a miss anyway. We stayed at a campsite on route after Loch Rannoch however it’s name escapes me. Top sheltered picnic area for a bivy.

    You could bivy along the side Loch Rannoch but it’s a popular spot with weegie weekend campers so might be busy.

    Edit: The campsite is called Kilvrecht Campsite

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    That me.

    I have ridden a bunch of it a few times now and both gravel or mountain bikes work. Basically if your comfortable off-road 40c is fine. If you arent then the security of a mountain bike is probably worth the slower pace.

    Recently rode a shorter version in reverse. Slightly less milage but still has all the good bits. Rode it on my karate monkey and it was great.

    And here is the setups @Eamesy and I rode.

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    Merry New Year all. Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and more importantly a successful Festive 500.

    Last Christmas Eve Stu and I set a 15 mile route and looped around it as many times as we could. This went well and we managed 170 miles despite some rather punchy headwinds and a 5pm curfew.

    New tyres and the Dolan was prepped for many miles.

    This year we found a new fife loop and with no time restraints we were got to work at the strike of midnight. To briefly summarise 20 hours of riding; it was so cold everything that froze, we saw a nice sunrise and managed 230 miles.

    Stu and I could have squeezed more laps out but @Eamesy was freezing to death in the van faster than we were freezing on the bikes so we called it at 8pm before anyone succumbed to the elements.

    A bit disappointing that we didn't make it to 400km, there is always next year.

    Popped out on Boxing Day and dusted my Festive 500 off with a superb Perthshire loop.

    Other news:

    • My doubts were unfounded and Planet X were mighty speedy at replacing my shoes.
    • Rummaged my dads shed and found a nice set of Azonic pedals circa 2005 to replace the shitty plastic ones on the beater.
    • Tried some Mary bars on the Charge and they were awful.

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    I look forward to mid week evening rides again. If kinda dropped the ball at organising anything for the last six months.

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    Yup we rode a chunk of the CP trail from Peebles to the pentlands. Nothing complicated and is easily doable on a cross bike with plenty of clearance.

    The whole CP trail is worth a ride and all is doable on 35’s. Decent two day affair or super sporty one dayer.

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    Bothy weekend was successful although the rain and wind was really awful and made us all question why anyone would enjoy cycling or even simply being outside. The Saturday was much better and fun was had. Write up filled with type 2 woes to follow.

    Photo courtesy of Euan Camlin

    Bike worked well and my best efforts at wiring the dynamo lights up myself seemed to withstand the drowning we experienced so very pleased. Ditched the longer, thinner and shitter Restrap drybag and instead used a 13L Alpkit number. The added width meant it was rock solid and reduced sway to almost nothing with about 10L packed.

    Went on another bothy micro adventure last week with @Cupcakes to Wills Bothy. An excellent overnighter down to the borders of England and then back to Edinburgh. Battled some serious headwinds over the Granites which made the rest of the ride feel easy. Will's Bothy has had a touch up with a new fire place, new stove and new sleeping platform.


    • Dolan has replacement pedals which are exactly the same as the old ones, cheers to @Eamesy for sorting that.
    • My shoes are fucked and need to go back for warranty, tide-me-over shoes need to be sourced as I cant see Planet X being speedy in sorting me out with shoes that dont have massive cracks across the soles.
    • Bikes are in dire need of a wash.
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    Need to pick a sunny long weekend and go for a run of the Badger Divide.

    Aye probably cause last year was great, not sure if I will run fixed again though.

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    The aluminium Scandal is much lighter than the Inbreds. Plus the mk2 Scandal had posher swap-able dropouts so you can easily run gears or SS. Ti would be the dream but there is no way I am going to have that sort of cash.