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    I wrote down this short list of reasons for why I keep riding my fixie.


    What are yours?

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    Hey man!
    I have the same issue.
    I ordered the cordoba frame and it arrived without headset. I realized too late to write to the shop they shipped without it. So i searched and everywhere (even on aventon.com) they said it has an integrated head set. So i bought one.

    It fit - kind of. I had to add one spacer inside the headset (between the bearing and the top piece). It turns smooth but makes horrible sounds when riding over bumps and turning bars all the way from side to side.

    So I inspected once more and realized that in the frame are pressed cups from SEMI-INTEGRATED headset. I'm going to push them out and buy a new semi-integrated HS.

    It really pisses me of that all shops I visited and even the manufacturer itself can't make proper description of it's goods.