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I love bikes, but cycle rarely. Im like a one day spiderman. Got bit, went whooshing through buildings with my spider webz for a day. Then got bored at the end of the day, never to spider around again.

I reckon I represent a group of people who would love to ride bikes more often, but are put off by douch*bag drivers, mahussive lorries, general aggressive traffic and the riders down section of this fantastic forum.

And most probably also represent a group of chrome wearing, key chain hanging, track bike skidderz, who rides for a day or two. Or gasp! Maybe even a whole summer. Wow.

Anyways, Ive been lurkin' this site for quite a while now and the most interesting bits out of it for me are:

(1) the ridicule directed at Bobo Johnson, ex London mayor's "attempt" at a cycle friendly city

(2) and the vast knowledge of people (most of you peeps) who cycle day in day out despite the dangers, about how to make cycling safe and how to promote it.

Anyways I hope that one day I will become more than a hipster wanna be bicyclist and actually ride lots to be able to contribute to this wonderful group of people.

Support LFGSS, donate mother fathers! I will! Soon as I get paid!


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