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    "Neck cover length exact same as Mitch Docker’s mullet"


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    Posting these three items on behalf of my brother. Located in Wales/Cambridge so probably will need posting, but he's often down in London's famous London so I'm sure something could be arranged.

    Happy to pass on any questions!

    1) CANON Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS USM. This camera lens is in excellent condition. The lens comings with CANON ET-86 shade, bag, SIGMA lens cover, HOYA 77mm UV(O) film. Selling due to change of lens preference - a shorter lens.
    £800 ono

    2) CANON Prime Lens 85mm 1.8 Ultrasonic. This camera lens is in great condition, it has been used and is a trusted lens of mine for capturing close up shoots and acute detail. The lens comes with HOYA 58mm UV(O) Pro 1 lens film.
    £180 ono

    3) TAMRON Lens 28-300mm 3.5-6.3 MACRO. £80 ono

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    My friend's Croix De Fer was stolen from inside Aldi in Walthamstow, yesterday.

    No pictures of the actual bike but it's white and the slightly-older model than this one:

    Distinguishing features:

    • Wide, sprung Brooks saddle (brown)
    • Nut and bolt used to secure seat clamp
    • Pannier rack with two grey panniers
    • Brown bar tape

    Would appreciate a DM if anyone sees it!

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    This is gross.

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    Hi Chris,

    By 'storage compartment', I'm assuming you mean something that can be added to an existing bike, rather than something like a Specialized SWAT type thing. With that in mind, my answers are below:

    1. Depends which bike; I had a commuter, I'd say definitely - regardless of what it looked like. I wouldn't, however, have one on my road bike purely because it wouldn't look cool.

    2. Sticking with the above - yes to commuter, whereas jersey pockets/saddle roll are sufficient on my road bike.

    3. My CX/gravel bike has frame bag and sometimes saddle bag so I can ride with nothing in my pockets. Road bike has saddle roll and everything else goes in jersey pockets.

    4. Weight, waterproofing, aesthetics.

    5. Price, weight, aesthetics (I didn't realise I was this shallow..).

    6. Additional light mounts are always good.

    7. Again, depends which bike. On a commuter, I'd trade size for weight, because the bike itself wouldn't be light to begin with. On my road bike, I bought a small saddle roll to force me only take the (lightweight) basics.

    8. Black, size/shape unimportant along as they're not massively adding to frontal area.

    9. Attention paid to mounting points to ensure it doesn't move around on the bike. Different compartments inside to separate items.

    10. Detachable.

    Good luck!

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    Everything about that headtube 🤢

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    It must smell delicious

    Fucking fabulous, even.

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