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    Yikes that’s good

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    That was the goal! Not racing road bikes anymore so got rid of the race bike and winter beater and replaced them both with this. It’s one of the Stayer Crit batch frames, but Sam put some mudguard mounts on for me and takes 28c plus guards. So should be the perfect mix of lively, fast ride for smashing around in Summer but enough comfort and clearance to handle the winter miles too.

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    Finally finished building up the Stayer and took it for a long first ride today. Few little niggles to sort (my mechanic skills not the frame) but the ride is really great - going to be a great companion for year-round miles. Will be getting some silly wheels for summer, but current set-up is perfect for this weather.

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    This looks fab

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    Ha, I found a few goodies from your list too! Misþyrming especially I’ve really been enjoying.

    Can recommend a quick spin of the Terminal Nation split, if only for the fantastic line: “the only way you’ll get to see heaven, is if we stack the bodies that fucking high!”. The best singalong of 2022!

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    2022 faves in no particular order (with a few tunes thrown in). Acts of God is death metal perfection and has cemented Immolation as one of my all time favourite bands.


    Immolation - Acts of God


    Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity
    Soulgazer - Astral Tomb
    Golgothan Remains - Adorned in Ruin
    Undeath - It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave


    Misery Index - Complete Control
    Assumption - Hadean Tides
    Verberis - Adumbration of the Veiled Logos
    Altars - Ascetic Reflection
    Wormrot - Hiss
    Critical Defiance - No Life Forms
    Wayward Dawn - All-Consuming Void
    Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration


    Universally Estranged - Dimension of Deviant Clusters
    Labyrinth of Stars - Spectrum Xenomorph
    Inhuman Depravity - The Experimendead


    High Command - Eclipse of the Dual Moons
    Spiritworld - Deathwestern
    Sculpture - Weldwarts
    Rotten Tomb - Visions of a Dismal Fate
    Get the Shot - Merciless Destruction
    Graceless - Chants from Purgatory
    Slaughterday - Tyrants of Doom
    Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs
    Battlegrave - Cavernous Depths


    Rhythm of Fear - Ritual Dementia

    EPs / Splits

    Fugitive - Maniac
    Jesus Wept - Psychedelic Degeneracy
    Anatomia / Undergang - Split lp
    Somatic Decay - Demo
    Terminal Nation / Kruelty - The Ruination of Imperialism
    Ritual Necromancy / Fossilization - Split
    Speglas - Time, Futility & Death
    Kanonenfieber - Der Fusilier

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    Anyone know if there’s an out front garmin mount that will take a Lifeline Pavo underneath? I can’t figure out what attachment I’d need to enable me to angle it down

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    Didn’t know that re. bailiffs, thanks - guess that makes sense really.

    Very sad state of affairs all round, hope those out of pocket get it sorted and move on.

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    Well yep of course, but hopefully sight of the claim alone would prompt some action to make good on the debt. And if the claim and subsequent judgement in default were ignored, Isen have a workshop full of items the bailiffs could have a go at.