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    Think the EU are doing itself no favours at the moment rattling their sabre insisting that we get a PM and pack up and leave.

    Just because for good or for worse (only time will tell) a vote for leave, legally we're in no hurry to trigger article 50 and exit plans can only start when that's been done.

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    Interesting reading all of the above.

    I had a stand there for the third year. From a vendors point of view feel that the organisers were hit with the double whammy of the weather and the Womens Tour on Friday and as such my pitch only just broke even.

    From what I have heard the routes had to be tweeked as the number of riders had outgrown them. They had some issues last year especially on the 100 miler with people hammering it on the trails a bit too much.

    Feel the event has gone through three stages - year one had it's early adopters. Year two was fun and now the event is more about drinking with a bit of a bike ride on the Sunday.

    I haven't decided whether we'll be back next year - depends how much they hike the pitch fees up and what they do with the entry fees for day visitors as that put a lot of locals off.

    Must admit it was fun watching them trying to move the Mavic truck on the set up day on Thursday though !

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    Out in the Peak District enjoying the sunshine. Cos it's Giro time saw the obligatory bloke in pink jersey.

    Nice to be out in a short sleeve jersey and not hiding from the weather.

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    Going to give it a go for the first time and ride to Norwich afterwards to get a train back up north.

    Just hope I don't get lost in London trying to find the start !

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    Gary Shandling

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    Here's mine.

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    Telephone booking system is shite at Derby. Usually more luck than judgement if you get through.

    Can't understand why they did not put in an online booking system from day one.