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    Still forecast to be dry in the evening tomorrow, so, planning to do this if anyone wants to give it a go.

    Usual rules - social place between hills & waiting at the top, no one left behind.

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    Weather is looking good for Tuesday.

    Pub won't be open, so, might be beers in in the park afterwards. Bring warm clothes!

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    Good idea.

    I think I can be there next week, 6:45 at HHV.

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    Hugh Carthy 2nd in the Vuelta,,the good news just keeps coming

    Seems to be doing it without much help from his team, either, or is that just how it looks on TV?

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    Looks like a good set up for this kind of thing.

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    What is getting my goat is:

    • people arguing that traffic has increased on their road despite traffic counts showing a reduction (e.g. on streets outside the LTN, which were formerly a rat run, which are no longer a rat run because a filter somewhere stopping the route as a whole being suggested by Google Maps)

    • people who live in nearby areas filtered decades ago, arguing against new filtering projects while passionatly defending their own traffic filters

    • people complaining that cutting off a 4000 vehicle a day rat run is unacceptable because 20 vehicles a day are now using their street

    • people

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    Pack list:

    Things I forgot! Coffee, washing up sponge
    Bought on site: eggs, sausages, milk, beer, firewood, marshmallows

    Breakfast: sausages, eggs, wheatabix
    Dinner night 1: (chorizo onion and garlic pre-chopped), pasta, (pesto, pepper and salt) - fry chorizo mix, cook pasta, mix in pesto.
    Dinner night 2: udon, eggs, sweetcorn -boil water add everything
    Desert both nights: hot chocolate

    GSI pinnacle 1p and 2p cook kits
    Kovea spider stove and Amazon windshield
    Gas canister
    Wooden spoon, leatherman knife
    3 titanium sporks

    Lanshan 1p and 2p tents plus carbon poles
    Naturehike sleeping bags
    3 small tarps and some extra lines and pegs
    Decathlon silk bag liners
    Exped lite sleeping mats

    Petzl head torches + lamp kits
    Anker cache batteries

    Pack of cards
    Kids activity book
    Phone with BBC school radio downloads
    Kids headphones

    1 change of clothes p/p
    Wash kit

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    My wife wants to go camping again, so, I'd give it 10/10. We were helped out by the weather; no rain and not too cold.

    I've got the boy on tow with a follow me. The tow bar weighs 4kg which is a bit of a challenge on the hills (when added to 17kg of camping gear, 8kg of child's bike, and 25kg of child), but, it works nicely with a rack and panniers. It is also easy to detach the tow bike for independent adventures or to get it onto smaller trains.

    We had a short ride to Victoria, then a 1h train to Plumpton station.

    The BlackBerry wood campsite is 2 miles from the station via quiet roads and gravel tracks. You get a clearing to yourself to pitch your tents and there were plenty of other kids there to share and enjoy the just-the-right-amount-of-danger playground. (Zipwire, massive swing, tree trunk bridges over a stream...)

    The campsite shop is open until 7pm and sells firewood and beer (plus other non-perishables) cutting down on what you need to pack.

    All in all it was a superb introduction to cycle touring, and a great step towards bigger adventures.

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    The GWR bike cupboard location is shown on your bike reservation ticket.

    (The cupboards are are awful, but, giving you an individual reservation for an individual bike space isn't a bad idea.)