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    It’s about time I greased the BB...

    Collection in London or happy to pay postage.

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    I was working in LA for a couple days in spring based in Venice. I had a nice dinner and too many beers at The Rose and Cafe Gratitude was an interesting experience and tasty vegan brunch. No idea if these are go-to places.

    I really wanted to try the food trucks but work got in the way. They look amazing.
    You can hire bikes from the Rapha shop near’ish in Santa Monica, which I swore I’d do next time, as the cycling out of town looks great.
    LA traffic is ridiculous.
    Someone recommended the Pine and Crane Taiwanese restaurant across town, and near Golden Saddle Cyclery, but ran out of time.

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    Cheers Chris, will dig a little deeper

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    Just keen for a rock solid setup so erring on the side of caution until persuaded otherwise.

    @chrisbmx116 Thanks for the recommendation too.

    Is the Blackmagic Pro worth double the cost of the standard version?
    Radeon RX Vega 56 £1200 vs Radeon Pro 580 £600

    Due to CAD requirements we also have a load of PCs. There's an hour or so a day my Dell Precision laptop loses it shit if you have an external keyboard or mouse plugged in/bluetooth/logitech usb receiver. The Lenovo workstations have a habit of throwing up a crash/bluescreen thing when you turn them on plugged into the £400 Lenovo dock. This is the nonsense I'm trying to avoid!

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    Thank you both.

    I'll take a proper look later today. External GPU scares me, seems like a complication that will require troubleshooting at some point. I know that the team have been taxing the current equipment so a proper graphics card is probably a must somewhere in the setup though.

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    I have a prepress artworker joining the team who needs a new computer before the end of the month. Illustrator + Photoshop work preparing packaging artwork for press. We currently have a mix of Mac Pro Dustbins/Dell workstations and Eizo CG self-calibrating monitors.

    What’s the smart apple purchase?

    1. New Old Stock MacPro – 3ghz 8 core xeon + 16GB + 2x D700 6GB + Eizo CG2730 - £4000
    2. iMac Pro - 8core 3.5Ghz, 32GB, 8GB Vega 56 - £4160 refurb
    3. iMac 27" - 3.4ghz 8core i9, 32GB Ram, 8GB Vega 48 - £3644

    We're kitting out a new studio as well so if there's a sensible way to save costs, whilst avoiding Dell, I'm all ears.

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    Got on well with a Santini 365 Classe jersey over the summer. Bit longer than Rapha. Blue ones are £35 on Wiggle which I reckon is pretty good value. I’d buy again.


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    Would you mind if I took a DM of that food list? I'm in NY next week with my partner and it would be great to have some recommendations to try between working.

    Tried Katz last summer - was epic. Queue was massive until a rainstorm hit and everyone bolted so we strolled straight in.