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    Spotted these ‘alt-bars‘ yesterday

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    Great looking Bikes, the De Rosa Aerodynamica Pista is a stunner and I agree that it looks way better with some Patina, definitely don't repaint it :) Not sure if period correct is your goal or not but I thought I'd share some info on two of your campagnolo seatpost. The Seatpost on the De Rosa is a late 80s Chorus Seatpost, a fluted Super Record with 1 Bolt would be the period correct option.

    While the seatpost on the Colnago looks very similar to the one above, just without the fluting, it actually is a later Campagnolo Record model which was part of the 8 speed Record groupset in the mid 90s.

    The period correct option would be the same 1-bolt fluted super record seatpost as the one above. Unfortuantely these are quite hard to find in 27.2 these days...

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    I think it was @Jaap

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    Nice score! It reminds me of my bottecchia before the drop bar conversion:

    Good luck with the alignment, given that it shouldn't be a high end steel, I guess your chances are pretty good :)

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    I'm still collecting C-Record (mostly first gen) parts for the build.
    I already have:

    • First Gen Rear Mech: unfortunately the 1st gen proprietary hanger bolt is missing. So I'll have to keep searching or mill one of the more common second gen bolts.
    • First Gen Cranks: Got them for free because the crank arm bolt threads are stripped so I won't be able to take it off once it's in place. I'll probably use a cartridge BB rather than the original ball bearing BB that I already have.
    • Cobalto Brakes
    • 25mm C-Record Seatpost
    • Front Mech, 2nd gen from what I can gather.
    • Wheelset: low flange C-Record Hubs with 7 Speed freewheel, silver polished Campa Lambda Rims and Gumwall/Green Vittoria Tyres.... Mmmmhh :)
    • Cinelli 1R Stem & Bars
    • Selle Italia Turbo Special in White
    • 7 Speed Syncro Shifters

    I'm still looking for the above mentioned rear mech bolt (or any ideas and/or other options). And I'm looking for a pair of first gen C-Record Brake levers without the QR but I might just use the Chorus one I have atm. The Headset is also Chorus and I'll probably leave that on for now.

    I'll post some pics soon :)

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    Thinking about putting the mechanical cycloometer on the batavus... yay or nay?