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    Last month I saw a really nice 80'90's Raleigh hybrid to gravel conversion. Loved it. And I just happen to have a Raleigh Randonneur going .
    Show me that steel and canvas.

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    It was completed between march and December 2020. I had no money for the garden, so used reclaimed 70s slabs for the steps and path. And the turf was free as it was so late in the year.
    Re wired, re plumbed, gas brought in, rendered, every wall and ceiling plastered. internal wood work renovated, all new D/G, three new bathrooms, new kitchen, wood burner installed, fully floored and decorated all in budget. Left me debt free and 50p in the bank!

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    I wanted to keep it 1920s, but it was shot

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    LFGSS has changed a lot, six years since I last posted.
    Begining of March 2020 we bought a house cash privately to rebuild.
    That sentence sounds very grand, but I was 60...redundant...no pension, and it cost almost everything I had.
    It was super cheap, and you'd never had got a mortgage on it. Still I went ahead, then started ####ing it.
    Anyway. Reading your posts, it's incredible to hear how different your experience has been.
    I used a builder that came highly recommended, and he basically bulldozed his way through the whole planning process. I literally couldn't sleep as he went on with the work. But his confidence paid off. Basically there was no reason why a full width x five metre extension and a loft conversion couldn't go ahead. I even had a sewer about 2.5 metres out the back of the house, he said they'd get permission to move it and they did.
    I know your build is a million miles from mine, but finding what was essentially a team of tradesmen and architects really helped.
    The picture shows how far we got before planning. Foundation trench dug, steel put in to support loft extension, waste and sewer moved to side of house.

    And the upside of being redundant, was that I could do all the donkey work. I had been an electrician, but obviously I had no current qualifications. But I could dig foundations, chase walls, run pipework, dig a trench to get gas to the house all sorts.

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    Long time since I posted here!

    I'd like to build an old Raleigh 501 frame into a singlespeed.
    The frame I have has semi horizontal drop outs, I have Googled this and it seems it can be done. But has anyone here done this? I find real world and Google world often to be at odds with each other.

    Can I bung in another question. I haven't ridden SS since the days of the original On-One inbred. This thing! I'm building is almost specifically to ride the Downs Link and spend my retirement pootling about on. So what's the go to ratio if there is one.


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    I'd like to run my 64 Coureur fixed. It has the original hub with a 5 speed one side and thread for fixed I assume the other side. The thread is stepped.
    Will the thread be the same as the stuff available today?

    While I'm here. Could the 5 speed freewheel be swapped for a BMX style freewheel?

    And the chainset is a Williams 48t, recommendations for use here in the Chilterns. 48x18?