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    Do you have a pressurised portafilter or regular? With a regular one there's really no way around grinding your own beans with a grinder you can fine-tune. A small change in grind can have a big effect on extraction time.

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    Ordnance survey maps are the best way to tell. Dotted red line is footpath, dashed red is bridleway.

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    Yeah I know, that's the highest I can get the levers up the bars if I want to use the internal routing. I tried it with bars rotated forwards more but the shifters ended up pointing down too much. As it is, the tops of the hoods are perfectly flat and the drops are still comfy like that so it works fine for me.

    @doug1e Possibly. He's not a business, just a mate that makes them in his spare time. Also based in the US so might not be that economical but he'll be able to sort something out for you if you message him on IG https://www.instagram.com/y3mbl/

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    A few tweaks for the summer. New saddle bag made by a friend, new tape, bottle cages and tyres. Fit tweaked slightly meaning I should probably get the steerer cut again, also wouldn't mind a new seatpost since this one weighs more than most alu posts.

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    i can read arabic and i can safely tell you that these translations are so hilarious that i died, went to heaven, and revived, for each line. its such an amazing mess i dont even know where to start explaining why this heroic attempt at cultural exchange has failed so beautifully
    heres a gem:
    "shakshooka" is a poached egg dish in a tomato sauce with a bunch of herbs
    but "shak" means doubt
    and "shookran" means thank you

    so you end up with a list says:
    normal (poached) doubt
    metal (scrambled) doubt
    cheese doubt
    hummus thank you
    somehow in the process, "metal doubt" became metal suspicion, and "cheese doubt" becomes "she is suspicious of cheese"

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    The EC90 logo gets slapped on any number of no-brand carbon bits. They're not fakes in that they're not actually copying a real EC90 part but they don't have anything to do with Easton.

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    So I fixed this eventually. New gasket didn't make a difference so I tried descaling again (only descaled a couple months ago but figured it was worth a try). Backflushed with descaler solution then cafiza and it works fine again. I figure there was a flake of scale that found its way into the solenoid or something but I'm not sure. It works as it should again without having to dismantle it further so I'm happy.