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    Hi everyone, Clyde's youngest daughter here, it's a shame I didn't get notified of all these comments a few years back, dad would have loved to get in touch.

    Sadly dad passed away on 2.9.22. Up to his final few weeks he would still talking about cycling, his work in the RAF and his life, which was full of love and passion for the sport.

    A few years back I managed to get dad to the Olympic stadium in London and he loved it.

    We are having a funeral on the 3rd October 2022, if anyone has any old images of dad,Clyde, in their archives we would be so happy to see them.


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    just thought i would like to let everyone on this post who is interested, Clyde( my dad ) is very much still alive and lives in west Berkshire, England. This christmas i am putting together a scap book with all info i have about him and what i can find on the internet, hes still so shocked that hes even on the internet!