Surrey Hills

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  • I'm going to be doing a gentle cruise around the Surrey Hills, just putting some miles in and enjoying Leith and Box Hill.

    A club run kinda thing.

    If anyone wants to join me, 8am just inside the entrance to Richmond Park, from where we'll cycle through the park to Kingston and then Hampton Court before heading out to Surrey on one of the more typical routes (and I shall be Garmin'd as I can't remember the way).


    We will take a gentle ride to Hampton Court before using this route:

  • Oh, and this ride is happening no matter what the weather says. If it's raining, I'll get wet.

  • Gears or fixed / SS?

  • Did someone say gentle cruise? Might be just what the doctored ordered. Weather depending of coursr

  • I'll probably pull the geared bike out, dust it off and see what condition it's in.

  • Weather looks like 27' clear and bright.

  • ...wife has informed me we are of to Cornwall Friday evening but will certainly like to join next time. I live near Hampton Court so Leith Hill / Shere / Peaselake etc. is my usual stomping ground.

  • Can anyone join up with this or do you have to be a lufguss cc member?

  • Absolutely anyone can join.

    So far it's just me and a Garmin.

  • can you send me your garmin route? any idea of return time?

  • I really hope to join you on this.

  • Keen on this; just rebuilt my plastic bike. Surrey (sadly) is my regular stomping ground and I have lots of variations of routes. Let me know if you need.

    If you are training for Stelvio then something like this should be painful enough: Not strictly Surrey

  • That's a good route. Not for tomorrow, but perhaps next weekend or a day during the week.

    Just looking for a standard route for tomorrow... the usual Hampton Court > Leith Hill > Ranmore > Box Hill > Hampton Court thing with a start/end of Richmond Park beforehand.

  • Might join if I can wake up that early ;) Is there a promise of coffee stop?

  • At Box Hill cafe, sure.

    Actually, I'm totally flexible... just need to put some miles in and do some hills. I am so not ready for Stelvio and this is the first small test.

  • Oh, and it's a 7:30am start... the page lies in Firefox... I will fix the page.

  • which gate?

  • The where the pin is on the map up top... Richmond Gate, North West corner.

  • alright boss

  • damn, have a yoga exam in the afternoon, so cant come

  • i did this earlier this week­095

    not as long or quite as much climbing as Amey's route

  • Gonna try and make this. I have a 50 mile route that I know which goes Richmond park, Hampton court, effingham, ranmore common(down), box, then back to Richmond park via new Maldon. But happy to do something different.

  • Oh I see you have a route sorted, no bother. I'll be on gears.

  • Damn, overslept... I shall be a little late... more 7:45am.

  • Hope the ride is going well, a slightly shorter route with plenty of climbing would be to use the TNRC/WNKR Surrey hills route, like this­76

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Surrey Hills

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